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An Ashley and Martin Hair Loss Case Study

July 7th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on An Ashley and Martin Hair Loss Case Study

Getting great results for our patients is what Ashley and Martin is all about…here is just one example from our Perth medical hair loss clinic.

A 19 year old male client presented to our clinic with significant hair loss for his age. His questionnaire noted that his hair loss had started 4 years previously – at age 15, and that Male Pattern Baldness was present in other male members of his family. Apart for that he had no past medical history, was not on any medications nor had he previously used steroids or testosterone boosters.

It was evident from his demeanour that getting to the point of consultation had not been easy for him. After some discussion I was informed that attending a consultation would not have happened without the encouragement and support of his girlfriend and father.

During the consultation the client opened up about years of teasing from school mates and even a teacher about his premature hair loss. He also spoke about how he was perceived to be as much as 10 years older due to his solid build and his thinning hair.

What was most evident though, was the way that all of this had affected his self-esteem. Making eye contact was extremely difficult and most of the conversation consisted of the client looking down when he spoke. He also verbalised his lack of confidence and embarrassment about how he looked.

His hair loss diagnosis was certainly genetic hairloss. His hairline had receded back to the vertex and the hair coverage from the vertex to crown was stage IV Vertex. Our 8 month regrowth program was recommended. It was also recommended that he attend regular laser at the clinic to support the medications.

At 4 months the progress photos showed regular laser and compliance with the simple daily routine of the Regrowth program was indeed starting to achieve regrowth results. The frontal hairline had started to return and improvement to density was obvious.

But also what was evident was the marked change in this young man’s demeanour and confidence. He was keen to tell me how much better he felt about himself and the positive feedback he had received from family. A great result all round.