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Case Study: Client Thrilled with Ashley and Martin’s Service

January 8th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Thrilled with Ashley and Martin’s Service

A widening part line and deteriorating frontal hair line, Padati* found his new boss understood how he felt. The manager at a busy eatery, Padati’s employer was going though his own hair loss problems and both men were keen to do something about it. A year into the increased shedding doing the damage and unsure where to start, Padati had not tried any over the counter remedies in the six months he had been wondering about how to regrow hair. Extremely concerned about the detrimental effect the hair loss was having on his appearance, Padati was eager to attend the appointment at Ashley and Martin his boss had arranged for them both.

Speaking about his situation with the consultant, the 26-year-old felt relieved that he now had a second person who understood how he felt about his hair. And like his employer, he jumped at the opportunity to take up the medical hair loss treatment plan the consultant offered him. He would need to meet with the clinic hair loss doctor to have his medication prescribed and the consultant helped him out with this by making sure he had an appointment before leaving the office.

The speed at which Padati regrew hair and turned his Norwood level I-II male pattern hair loss around made him smile. He was loving the results. The genetic hair loss he had inherited was no longer affecting his self esteem the way it had been sixteen weeks previously, and the progress photos of his hair really highlighted just how dramatic the changes had been. Thrilled with the service, the results, and the ease at which the treatment fit into his busy schedule, Padati was happy to continue his treatment program and looked forward to any new changes that might be around the corner.

*name changed to protect privacy