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Ashley and Martin Client Overwhelmed with RealGROWTH Treatment Results

October 16th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Ashley and Martin Client Overwhelmed with RealGROWTH Treatment Results

23 and still single Joe* was not ready to lose his hair. He should have been living to the full but the lack of hair on his crown was reducing his confidence and thirst for life. Joe had changed his look to portrait a more professional image after finishing his studies and looking for full time work. Previous to this Joe had always worn his hair long. Taking the big decision to cut his hair Joe was shocked at how visible his scalp was.

Twelve months later Joe was watching the thinning get gradually worse; he knew it wasn’t going to get better by itself. It was time to take action the more hair loss the less chance of getting it back, or so Joe thought.

Joe told his consultant the men on his father’s side had all lost their hair. His father having started in his twenties; he did not want to end up bald like him. Joe had inherited male pattern baldness, advanced in the last twelve months by the increased stress from commencing full time employment. Joe’s consultant diagnosed Norwood III Vertex characterized by the thinning on the crown and recommended a treatment option of anti-androgens, topical solution and laser therapy.

Joe didn’t need time to think; he saw the clinic Doctor straight away. With no underlying medical or health issue Joe signed up for a RealGROWTH® treatment plan before leaving the Ashley and Martin clinic.

Four months later it was time for Joe to have his first Ashley and Martin review. The consultant took photos of Joe’s hair to compare to the ones taken in his first consultation. Joe was overwhelmed; it was obvious the treatment was working. With the thinning patch on his crown having disappeared Joe was ready to get back into the world.






*name changed to protect privacy