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Case Study: Amazing early results for hair loss client client

January 6th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Amazing early results for hair loss client client

Just 16 weeks into his 12 month treatment program, Brad* was astounded by what he was seeing. He’d gone back to the hair loss clinic for his first review visit and could clearly see from the photos that he was already close to having a full head of hair again, with a dense new covering of thick hairs that, just four months earlier, had been fine and shedding.

Brad was a student and a keen rugby league player. His hair had been thinning, noticeably, for six months which, as a fit, healthy 19 year old, had been disconcerting for Brad. He suffered from dermatitis and his scalp was itchy and dry. He’d had tried to address his shedding himself by using different shampoos to combat the problem but nothing had worked…which is why he’d turned to a hair loss specialist.

His friendly consultant had diagnosed him at Level III Vertex on the Norwood scale and Brad disclosed that there was a history of hair loss on his fathers’ side – which helped explain the thinning at such a young age. The consultant recommended the 12 month REALgrowth® treatment program which has a 98% success rate if it is implemented early enough.

Brad did implement it early…and it delivered fantastic results.

*name changed to protect privacy