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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Receives Compliments From Friends and Family

January 12th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Receives Compliments From Friends and Family

Kaarle* had been receiving compliments from his friends and family on how good his hair was looking now. For the past four months he had been treating his Male Pattern Hair Loss with a medical hair regrowth treatment program he had been prescribed at Ashley and Martin. He was extremely happy with the results so far and it was exciting to think that he was not at the end of his treatment program yet. At his first Ashley and Martin Review he was able to see just how fast his hair was regrowing. Photos had been taken at his initial appointment before he started treatment for him to compare his progress to along the way. During this first progress review he had been delighted by the surge in hair density he could see. Kaarle had already noticed a vast decrease in hair fall on a daily basis. He was now shedding the small, natural amount of hair he had done before his hair loss had started.

Before he had come to Ashley and Martin, Kaarle was feeling a little insecure about his hair and felt that at 28 he was too young to be going bald. He had heard good things about Ashley and Martin from a friend who was already a client. Knowing someone who was already experiencing good results using the treatment helped Kaarle to feel confident in walking in to his closest Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic to book an appointment.

The rest had been history. The time between his first appointment and progress review had passed smoothly. He had experienced no adverse reactions to any of the medications and the topical had been easy to apply each night. He had, in the past, tried using over the counter remedies; however his Ashley and Martin treatment had been so much more effective for him. The chemist bought hair loss products had not stopped his hair from decreasing in density, but his Ashley and Martin RealGROWTH® program had reversed the genetic hair loss he had inherited from his father.






*name changed to protect privacy