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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Patient Overjoyed with Results

March 3rd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Patient Overjoyed with Results

Four years ago Mick*went to a hair loss clinic run by a different company to Ashley and Martin and was given a non-medical treatment plan as he was told this was the only solution to regrow his hair.  Believing this to be true Mick went ahead with this option and was satisfied to find that he had experienced a limited amount of hair regrowth.   After his six month herbal package came to an end Mick found his hair regrowth began to regress and tried an over the counter topical solution in an attempt to repeat the results he had found from the herbal supplement.  Unfortunately for Mick the minor improvement he achieved in his hair density was outweighed by the scalp irritation he suffered.

He was 33 years old and tired of trying things that did not work when he called Ashley and Martin.  Mick told his consultant his main concern was to find a solution that did not cause him discomfort and would produce lasting results.  His consultant could see Mick had well established thinning through the top of his scalp and crown down to his frontal hair line.  Mick’s temples were also receding and he showed signs of psoriasis on his scalp.

Mick’s consultant suggested he try a RealGROWTH® program, and while she understood he had a reaction to an over the counter topical solution, she assured him the clinic doctor would work closely with him to find the right solution for him and it would all be included as part of his program.  Mick was reassured to know that if he had a reaction to the RealGROWTH® solution they would trial new options to find a treatment that worked for him at no extra cost and decided to sign up on a program.

Not expecting to see immediate effects, if any at all after his previous experiences and length of time since using other treatments, Mick was overjoyed with his results.  Not only had he not had any reaction to the RealGROWTH® solution but in just sixteen short weeks he could see extensive regrowth of his own hair.  Much more in fact than he had achieved in the whole six months he had been on the other program he had tried initially with the other company.






*name changed to protect privacy