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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Staff Thrilled to See Results Happen Quickly for Client

November 2nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Staff Thrilled to See Results Happen Quickly for Client

Javed* was insecure about the way he looked. Twenty-nine years old with the hair of what he considered to be a much older man, it had taken just two years for Javed’s hair to become so sparse. A year after this higher than natural shedding began, Javed contacted Ashley and Martin online having seen our advertising on television. The over the counter remedies he had tried using had not worked and it was time to seek professional help.

In his free consultation he told his consultant that he had a genetic predisposition to balding as his father had also lost his hair in the same way. The consultant examined Javed’s scalp, noting that his hair was receding from the frontal hair line with advanced thinning on the crown. After diagnosing Javed with Norwood level III vertex Male Pattern Hair Loss, the consultant explained how best to treat this loss.

Two options were presented to Javed as viable ways to regrow his hair, the first of which was a RealGROWTH® medications program. This would consist of prescribed medication, herbal supplements and fortnightly laser therapy treatments in the clinic. The second option was laser therapy treatments performed in home with a Lasercap several times a week. Able to attend his clinic fortnightly for laser treatments, Javed decided to opt for the treatment that encompassed both medical and Low Level Light Therapy(LLLT). He enrolled immediately and chose a time that suited him to speak to the clinic doctor to have his medication prescribed.

Shy and quietly spoken, Javed was always smiling and enjoyed chatting to the clinic staff when he attended his fortnightly laser treatments. Every time Javed walked in to the clinic the staff could see more improvement in his hair and were thrilled to see Javed progressing in his treatment so quickly.

Fifteen weeks in to his treatment, Javed had his first Ashley and Martin Review with his consultant. The difference between the photos that were taken in his first appointment compared to the ones the consultant took at his check-up was astonishing. He couldn’t believe the results had been so fast to come.






*name changed to protect privacy