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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Treats Hair Fall

February 2nd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Treats Hair Fall

For the past six months the idea of wanting to regrow his own hair had been playing on Maari’s* mind.  It had been nearly three years since the 25 year old had started losing his hair. Concerned about how he looked, the thinning patch of hair on his crown and the recession at his temples were playing a large part in how he felt about his appearance.  Feeling ready to take the first step to regrowing his hair, Maari went online to submit an internet enquiry with Ashley and Martin.

Maari told his consultant of the overwhelming history of Male Pattern Hair Loss in his family.  His father and all of his uncles were bald and Maari worried he would end up the same very soon.  Like his father and uncles, Maari was diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss and assessed as category III vertex on the Norwood scale.  A RealGROWTH® program was recommended to Maari as he was in good health, had no contraindications in his medical history and his hair loss was at an early enough stage for the consultant to have confidence in the success of the treatment.  Having come prepared to go ahead with treatment if he felt it would be of benefit to him, Maari enrolled straight away on the suggested course of action.

Maari attended the clinic fortnightly for laser treatments as part of his treatment plan and found the program easy to adhere to.  At his four month progress check-up he told his consultant he had been noticing the improvement in his hair hairline at the front.  The consultant took a new set of photos for Maari to look at side by side and Maari was able to see the increase in hair density across his crown also; he was no longer able to see his scalp showing through his hair.

Impressed with his own results, the confidence Maari now has in the treatment plan itself has since led to him to refer a friend to Ashley and Martin who is now undergoing treatment.






*name changed to protect privacy