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Case Study: Ashley and Martin use Herbal Supplement to Assist Hair Regrowth

March 28th, 2018 by A673 in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin use Herbal Supplement to Assist Hair Regrowth

Twenty-nine year old Michael was so self-conscious about his hair loss that he had resorted to dusting a fibrous powder on his hair to disguise his bald spots. He knew it did not look the best, however he was desperate to hide the extensive recession in his temples and crown. To Michael, his appearance was especially important to him because of the nature of his work. Looking at how little hair he had left at the front and the ever widening bald spot on his crown shook Michael’s confidence.

The Ashley and Martin consultant Michael met with performed a scalp examination after gathering some background information. The bilateral recession Michael had been suffering for the past five years was genetic. There were no known medical or stress related issues impacting the growth cycle of his hair and the consultant was so confident that Michael would see outstanding results on the RealGrowth® program that a money back guarantee was offered.

Michael’s program consisted of several treatment intervention strategies. He would use topical and oral treatments at home to address the genetic process affecting his hair. A herbal supplement would be used to further complement the medication prescribed to Michael by Ashley and Martin’s in-clinic hair loss doctor. On top of the in-home treatments given to him, Michael would be able to attend laser therapy appointments as needed at the clinic.

Four months later Michael was back for his first progress review. Photos were taken to compare to the ones taken in his initial appointment before treatment had commenced. Looking at these photos side by side both Michael and consultant could agree that a picture speaks a thousand words. The temporal recession had reversed and his crown was covered in new, thick hair. Michael told his consultant that he had regained so much of his confidence over the course of his program that he had stopped using the fibre powder altogether.





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