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Case Study: Ashley and Martin’s success rate inspires confidence in client

October 28th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin’s success rate inspires confidence in client

For the past few years the hair on Simon’s* vertex had been thinning to the point where Simon had recently noticed a prominent ‘bald spot’. Although he’d been aware of his hair loss he’d never really made an effort to treat it but, with a family history of hair loss on his father’s side and a growing loss of confidence about his appearance, the 26 year old athlete decided he needed to take action now to halt the genetic trend.

He’d heard an Ashley and Martin ad on the radio and did some research online as to what treatments might be available to him. After filling out an online form and being contacted by the clinic, Simon attended his first appointment and was met by a friendly team of professionals who understood Simon’s growing concern about his appearance and self esteem.

His consultant spoke with him about his family history of hair loss and performed a scalp examination, taking photos of Simon’s hair as a reference so that they could record the results of Simon’s treatment. The consultant explained that the key to successful hair regrowth is to act fast. Simon still had plenty of hair and was young, fit and healthy and his consultant was confident that he would be able to achieve great results by enrolling in the RealGROWTH® in medical hair loss program. During his research into Ashley and Martin hair loss clinics, Simon had been impressed by Ashley and Martin’s claim of a 98% success rate on the regrowth program – in fact it was one of the reasons he’d chosen to seek out help at an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic – he was more than willing to give it a go.

Halfway through the treatment, Simon’s family and friends started commenting on the change in Simon’s appearance. The place on his vertex where his ‘bald spot’ had been was now hidden under thick, new growth and Simon was very happy with the result. The before and after photos confirmed what Simon already knew – his treatment program had successfully regrown his hair over his thinning vertex and Simon felt great about this positive result. From the very first moment he stepped into the clinic, he’d felt confident that Ashley and Martin would deliver…and they did.











*name changed to protect privacy