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Case Study: Client Enters New Phase in His Life with More Confidence and Hair

May 10th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Enters New Phase in His Life with More Confidence and Hair

Michael* had been aware of Ashley and Martin since the early 1980’s, but until he started losing his own hair thirteen years ago, he had had no need of our services. The moment he started losing his hair, he began considering the idea of treatment. It took all of those thirteen years to turn that first thought into an online enquiry, but after finding Ashley and Martin online, he finally contacted a hair loss specialist for help. Returning to the dating game after a considerable time out of circulation, 52 year old Michael was insecure about his hair loss and needed to feel good about himself.

Meeting with his consultant for the first time, the two men went over family history and health information before a scalp examination. Michael was aware of hair loss running in both the maternal and paternal sides of his family but to his knowledge there were not underlying health issues that may be causing his hair loss.

While there was a minor amount of stress that may be impacting Michael’s hair growth cycle, the predominant reason for the loss that started before he had left his 40’s was male pattern baldness. This Norwood III vertex androgenic alopecia would be treatable with a combination of prescription medication, herbal supplements and specialised scalp cleansers. Anxious to begin reversing his decade long hair loss, Michael signed up for treatment.

Four months into his ongoing treatment, Michael’s hair was showing definite signs of improvement. He had been called to book an appointment for his first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review to check in with him regarding his treatment and compare photos taken in his first appointment to ones taken at the Review. Looking at his progress photos Michael was especially happy with the early regrowth that was taking place on his crown. With new hair growing back fast, the adventurous outdoorsman could enter this new phase in his life with confidence.






*name changed to protect privacy