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Case Study: Client Excited by ‘Complete Turnaround’ in Only Sixteen Weeks with Ashley and Martin

August 24th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Excited by ‘Complete Turnaround’ in Only Sixteen Weeks with Ashley and Martin

Sam* had heard about Ashley and Martin through a friend.  His hair was already exceptionally thin at 23 years old and although he naturally had an outgoing personality, his hair loss was affecting his confidence.  A year and a half ago he had bleached his hair and was now concerned that this had led to the rapid onset of shedding he was experiencing.

Attending his appointment with a friend who was also losing his hair, Sam’s moderately advanced thinning in the crown and vortex was placed at a level II on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale.  The consultant suggested a RealGROWTH® program would be his best option to regrow his lost hair.  Unsure if he was ready to go ahead with treatment, Sam went home and thought it over for two weeks before enrolling on his treatment plan.

Knowing his consultant and the clinic doctor were there for him at all stages throughout his program Sam booked a check-up with them both six weeks after he started using his prescription medications.  His concerns that his program would not work as he was unable to attend the clinic for regular Low Level Laser Therapy treatments were discussed with the doctor and the consultant.  His fears were alleviated after the consultant and doctor took the time to explain the hair’s natural growth cycle and the time frame in which he was likely to see visible results.  The consultant took another set of photos for Sam to track his progress and encouraged him to come back to discuss any further concerns with her.

After another ten weeks had passed, Sam was contacted by the clinic to come in and have his first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review with his consultant.  She took a third set of photos for Sam to look at in comparison to the first.  Sam told his consultant that as he had started seeing his hair grow back he was gradually starting to feel better within himself.  Upon seeing these he was extremely happy with what he was looking at.  His once thin, unmanageable hair had become thick and full of life.  He was so excited by the complete turnaround in only sixteen weeks that he asked for his before and after photos to be emailed to him to show his friend.






*name changed to protect privacy.