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Case Study: Client Feels Great About Decision to Treat Hair Loss with Ashley and Martin

September 27th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Feels Great About Decision to Treat Hair Loss with Ashley and Martin

Aaron* was leafing through a magazine when he found out about Ashley and Martin.  He had been losing his hair for a year at the time and for the last three months seeking treatment had been playing on his mind.  Taking out his mobile while it was fresh on his mind, Aaron called Ashley and Martin to book an appointment.

Although he was concerned about his appearance, the nineteen year old had not tried any other treatment options to date.   It was a little hard to know where to start on his own.  At his initial appointment the consultant queried Aaron’s genetic ties to Male Pattern Hair Loss.  There was hardly a male in Aaron’s family that he did not list.  Aaron’s father, uncles and grandfather were all bald; he was acutely aware of what was in store for him if he did not find a way to manage his condition quickly.

The consultant conducted a scalp examination and took photos from all angles.  These would be used again at a later date to track the changes taking place throughout Aaron’s treatment.  Aaron was thinning throughout the top region and a diagnosis of type III vertex Male Pattern Hair Loss was given.  Wanting to avoid the same fate as the rest of the men in his family, Aaron signed up for the proffered RealGROWTH® medications program with fortnightly laser therapy straight away.

Four months after commencing his RealGROWTH® program, Aaron came to see his consultant for his first Ashley and Martin Review.  As soon as the consultant saw Aaron in the waiting room, he noticed the changes that had taken place and couldn’t help but comment.  Aaron smiled and said he had really noticed the difference also.  The consultant took another set of photos to assess the early successes of the program when compared to the photos taken in the first appointment. These photos confirmed the regrowth that both men could already see and Aaron said he felt great about his decision to treat his hair loss with Ashley and Martin.






*name changed to protect privacy