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Case Study: Client Stops Finding Hair on His Pillow In the Morning After Starting Treatment

March 20th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Stops Finding Hair on His Pillow In the Morning After Starting Treatment

Running his own businesses was stressful. Adding to the pressure he was under, Hung* had a solid family connection to hair loss. He had first started to notice his hair disappearing three years prior to attending his free consultation at Ashley and Martin. While his thinning hair was making him self-conscious about his appearance, his wife still thought he was as attractive as ever.

To try and combat his problem, the 33-year-old tried using a ginger based shampoo. While smelling delightful, it did not however decrease the amount of hair he found on his pillow in the morning.

Not ready to resign himself to going bald, Hung searched for the best hair loss treatment he could find online. Feeling Ashley and Martin provided the most successful treatment, he requested a call back. Going bald may be something his uncle and father were willing to accept for themselves, but Hung knew he was not ready to give in yet.

The consultant he met with provided Hung with all the information he needed to make an informed decision regarding the treatment of his Norwood III vertex loss. To Hung, the process appeared to be simple, medically backed and transparent. The clinic hair loss doctor would be available to him throughout the duration of his treatment should he have further questions, photos would be taken at every stage to track the effectiveness of his treatment and everything he needed was included in the price of the program.

For four months, Hung performed his nightly treatment routine and visited the clinic for regular laser therapy appointments. During this time his wife began to notice the amount of scalp showing through her husband’s hair decreasing. Waking up next to him in the morning, there was less hair on the pillow than there had been for years.

Chatting with his consultant during his first Ashley and Martin Review, Hung expressed how happy he was with the improvement he had seen over such a short amount of time. His dark hair was thicker, denser, and healthier. He could take to the court with his mates and not feel like the old man among them.





*name changed to protect privacy