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Case Study: Client Thrilled to Find His Scepticism Was Unfounded After Ashley and Martin Produce Results

April 26th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Thrilled to Find His Scepticism Was Unfounded After Ashley and Martin Produce Results

Before he had reached his thirtieth birthday, Ryan* had developed a large bald patch on the crown of his head. He was extremely sceptical of any company offering a hair loss treatment for men that would cure baldness, however after researching his options online he decided to come to Ashley and Martin just to discuss the treatment we had to offer. He requested a call from a representative by filling in the short contact form on our website and shortly after received a call to book him in for a free consultation.

In part, some of the scepticism Ryan was feeling stemmed from the fact he had tried using over the counter products that had not produced the results they had touted. He had tried using these remedies over the last year or two since the onset of his hair loss, but here he was going prematurely bald regardless of his efforts. Ryan’s consultant could see that although his hair was still quite thick at the frontal hair line and throughout the vertex, the crown of Ryan’s head was sparsely covered. This level III vertex loss that had been passed down to him from his grandfather made him a prime candidate for the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program.

Despite his scepticism, Ryan was feeling insecure about his appearance and was willing to give treatment a try if it would give him back his lost hair. He signed up for a RealGROWTH® program and was made an appointment with the clinic doctor to have his medication prescribed.

After four months of regular usage of all the in-home components of his program Ryan attended his first Ashley and Martin Review. It was hard to believe that in the same amount of time it had taken him to make the decision to find a hair loss specialist, he had regained full coverage of his crown with new, healthy hair. Ryan was thrilled to find that his scepticism had been unfounded when it came to the treatment Ashley and Martin had to offer.






*name changed to protect privacy