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Case Study: Family and Friends Notice Improvement After Client Comes to Ashley and Martin

May 26th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Family and Friends Notice Improvement After Client Comes to Ashley and Martin

As a tradesman working outside, 51 year old Bryan* was out in the sun all day.  Having to wear a hat to avoid his scalp burning even in the slightest amount of sun, Bryan* called Ashley and Martin.

It had been over five years since Bryan’s hair started to thin.  Taking into account the pattern of thinning exhibited in the advanced thinning in the crown and Bryan’s father having lost his hair in his thirties his consultant diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss.  After all relevant family and medical history had been discussed a full RealGROWTH® program was recommended to Bryan.  Four weeks later he commenced treatment.

Bryan expectantly watched his hair grow, and although he could tell it was regrowing, he was unsure exactly how much.  Whilst in for his regular monthly Laser Therapy appointment the technician assisting him asked if he would like to book a four month check-up with his consultant to assess his progress on the program.  Bryan booked the next available appointment, eager to see the new hair growth he had noticed compared to his original set of photos.

The consultant took the first set of comparison photos after discussing how Bryan was going on the program.  He said he was finding the program easy to follow and his family have been noticing the improvement in his hair in the last few months. Bryan was excited to see the shorter, new hairs that could be seen starting to cover the balding spot on the top of his crown.  With little hair on his balding scalp he had not been too hopeful he would be able to regrow all of his hair in this area.  After sixteen weeks on the program he was delighted with the results so far and was looking forward to his new hair growing as long as the rest of it.






* name changed to protect privacy