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Case Study: Hair Loss After Gastric Banding Surgery

September 17th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Hair Loss After Gastric Banding Surgery

This 24 year old man came in for his consultation at Ashley and Martin with his female partner who was also having hair thinning issues.

As the photos show his hair loss was advanced far beyond what you would expect for a man of his age. On examination there was no doubt that he was indeed suffering from Male Pattern Baldness, but what may have accelerated his hair loss was the fact that he had had gastric banding surgery several years prior.

What can often be seen after this type of surgery is reduced hair quality and thinning. This is usually from the severity of the change to a patient’s diet and nutritional requirements. How well a patient follows the dietary guidelines by a medical professional after the surgery will often dictate the quality of the hair and also hair loss. In this case the surgery may have contributed to the advancement of his Genetic hair loss.

The treatment that was recommended was a 12 month regrowth program. This was based on the patient’s level of hair loss and the need to allow time for his regrowth program to establish optimum results. Regular laser usage was suggested, as it certainly supports the regrowth products to give the best possible result. Due to the diagnosis for the patients female partner being regular Laser Cap usage at home and A&M Hair Nutrient Complex, both patients were then able to share the usage of the Laser Cap in the comfort of their home.

Progress photos were taken at four months to monitor product usage and results. These photos showed an excellent start to achieving regrowth, which was due to the regular product usage and laser routine that had been established.

When the patient returned for his 8 month progress photos, the results were once again excellent, and a complete and even coverage was now visible, as the photos show. In the next four months the patient can look forward to a slower, but improved density, as results continue to progress. This was an excellent outcome for a patient who believed that due to the early advancement of his hair loss this sort of result was unlikely.