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Case Study: Seventeen Year Hair Loss Addressed by Ashley and Martin After Other Medication Fails

December 20th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Seventeen Year Hair Loss Addressed by Ashley and Martin After Other Medication Fails

It had been seventeen years since Sunil had noticed the first changes to his hair line. After a period of excessive loss Sunil had tried treating his hair with medication he had been given by his doctor. He had taken this medication for three years but at the end of it, he had not regrown his hair as he was hoping. It had taken a year of consideration but now, after twelve months without any medication, he was ready to find out what Ashley and Martin could offer. The thirty-five year old had heard about Ashley and Martin on the internet and decided to use our online enquiry system in order to contact us for an appointment.

Years ago, when his hair loss had first started, Sunil had only been losing hair around his frontal hair line. However, in recent years his hair had started to thin from the crown, moving forward to his original loss. In examining Sunil’s Norwood Scale level III vertex loss, his consultant could see that the pattern of loss was consistent with Male Pattern Hair Loss. This had not come as a surprise as Sunil had already told him that his father and maternal male cousins also suffered the same problem with their hair.

After discussing the finer details of the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program, Sunil decided to go ahead with treatment. He had been concerned about his appearance and was relieved to be presented with an option that would give him peace of mind and solve his problem. His consultant had taken photos of his hair in this appointment in order for them to track his progress over the course of his program. Sunil was looking forward to seeing the contrast between these and the ones that would be taken in his first Ashley and Martin Review.

After four months of regularly taking his medication and attending fortnightly laser therapy sessions, Sunil was due for his first progress review. Comparing his current photos to the original ones, both the consultant and Sunil could see the amazing change that he had undergone in just sixteen weeks. Sunil was hoping to see further changes take place in his frontal hair line over the coming months, but he was thrilled to see the incredible changes that had already taken place.






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