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Case Study: RealGROWTH Routine Easy to Get Back In To For Returning Client

October 11th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: RealGROWTH Routine Easy to Get Back In To For Returning Client

Jordan* had completed an Ashley and Martin program previously.  It had worked well for him at the time but he had chosen not to continue on with his maintenance program.   Now, two years later, genetics had begun to intervene again and Jordan was experiencing a moderate loss through his frontal and temporal areas.

This loss had been playing on his mind for eight weeks when he walked back in to Ashley and Martin to make an appointment with his consultant.  Although it had been a while and the clinic had shifted locations, all Jordan’s previous progress photos were still on file.  Meeting with his consultant, he was able to assess the true extent of the regression of the past two years for himself.  The genes he had inherited from his paternal grandfather had definitely begun to affect his hair again and his original diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss was placed at a level IV on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale at this time.

Wanting to make the changes necessary in his life to reinvent the way he saw himself, Jordan signed up for another RealGROWTH® program.  He easily slipped back in to the routine of taking his medication and attending laser therapy appointments.

Three months after restarting his treatment, Jordan’s aunt came to visit him; walking in to the room she was astounded when she saw the dramatic improvement in his hair.  Until seeing him she had been sceptical of the treatment he was undergoing. However, the easily noticeable thickening of his hair and regrowth in his frontal hair line and temples convinced her otherwise.

Over the coming months Jordan invested in new glasses and orthodonture among other changes to his appearance.  He had come to Ashley and Martin as part of his journey of self-improvement and now, six months later, he was finally at a place where he was happy with the changes he had made in his life.  His self-confidence had soared and he was approaching life with a much more self-assured manner.






*name changed to protect privacy