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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Help Client Regrow Hair After Sixteen Years of Loss

December 29th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Help Client Regrow Hair After Sixteen Years of Loss

Forty-five year old Travis had watched his hair disappear over the past sixteen years; but in the last few years it had begun to shed faster than ever before. He had tried treating his hair loss with over the counter topical solutions he had bought at the chemist. But they were not working for him. A friend of his recommended he give Ashley and Martin try.

After meeting with his Ashley and Martin consultant he found out that the testosterone boosters he had been using on and off for years had not been helping his situation. These chemist bought supplements had contributed to the genetically inherited hair loss passed down to himself and his brother by their father.

His consultant was concerned that due to the length of time he had been losing his hair and the severity of the loss, there were few viable hair follicles in Travis’ temporal region capable of regenerating. No medical treatment could regrow hair where the follicles had died. She explained to Travis that if he were to try medical intervention for his genetic condition, he could expect to see improvement through the middle vortex area but limited results in his temples.

Travis’ hair loss was, in part, feeding into the way he felt about himself. He decided it could only be a good thing to find out just how much hair regrowth he could achieve with the treatment plan his consultant proposed.

Attending his laser therapy appointments diligently and taking his medication as directed, Travis’ hair stopped shedding at an alarming rate and began to increase in density.

At his four month Ashley and Martin Review, Travis told his consultant that he was not only delighted with the results he was seeing, but that the program was so easy to follow. Comparing the way his hair looked when he first started the program to now, he was pleased to see that the hair in his temples had responded better than either he or his consultant had expected. Even his daughter had noticed and commented on how much better his hair was looking already.






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