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Case study: Mates’ recommendation prompted client to contact the Ashley and Martin clinic

February 19th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Uncategorized Comments Off on Case study: Mates’ recommendation prompted client to contact the Ashley and Martin clinic

Low self-esteem wasn’t a problem for Dean*, he was a fit, healthy 38 year old and enjoyed working out. Confidence wasn’t an issue either, but he still didn’t want to go bald. It was his mates who’d first pointed it out…they could see his vertex thinning and had told Dean that he was starting to lose his hair. Dean was also noticing a difference. His brother, father and paternal uncle had also suffered from hair loss and so he knew that it was on the cards.

Not really knowing what else to do, Dean turned to his local doctor and pharmacist for help. He received a prescription for hair loss medications and bought some ‘hair restoration’ shampoo from his local pharmacy – neither of which seemed to make any difference. Dean was getting frustrated at not seeing any results until he bumped into a mate who was receiving treatment at an Ashley and Martin medical clinic. Dean could instantly see that his mate was getting results doing whatever he was doing and Dean wanted the same; he booked into the clinic and never looked back.

His consultant diagnosed him with Norwood III Vertex hair loss and recommended the 12 month Real GROWTH® program with laser delivered and Dean enrolled on the spot. By the time his first progress review came up at the clinic, Dean already knew that he was getting great results and was stoked. Already, his hair strands were stronger and denser and his scalp was much less visible through his hair. Even his mates had noticed the difference.

He’d wanted results and, thanks to his mates’ recommendation to try Ashley and Martin, he was getting them….fast.

*Name changed to protect privacy.