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Case Study: Significant Increase in Density and Regrowth

August 11th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Significant Increase in Density and Regrowth

A 37 year old white male presented with all over hair thinning, experiencing for many years, but noticeably over the last 2 years, family history of male hair loss (Father and Uncle) and no medical issues He reported progressive thinning across from his Hairline to Crown to mid-section. He hadn’t been concerned about his hair loss but decided, after hearing our advertisement, to see what options he had to get his hair back. He doesn’t suffer from any pain, itching or scalp issues. At his initial consultation, asked client what he would like in regards to results, which he said “to get all his hair back again. I recommended a combination of RealGROWTH® treatment and FUE Hair Transplant. He had no interest in FUE Transplant.

Examination revealed an extensive thinning down mid-section and vertex and his hairline and decreased luster and shine of the hair overall, consistent with a diagnosis of Male pattern hair loss stage VI-VII. There was no scalp inflammation, and no evidence of infection or scarring scalp disease. Gave this client realistic expectations, which was to save what hair he did have, which he was happy with to start off.

RealGROWTH® treatment was initiated with Topical and Oral treatment. Also recommended Laser Therapy sessions, minimum once a fortnight for 15 mins. At his follow-up visit at four months, the patient reported significant increase in density and regrowth. He said that he noticed a change at around two months of treatment. He started Laser Therapy sessions once a week. No side effects or issues with the treatment.

Photos revealed a significantly increase in hair density through mid-section, and noticeable healthy hair. Figure 1 shows the comparison between the baseline and four months appearance. Further use of RealGROWTH® treatment is needed to achieve maximum regrowth and maintenance. Client is very surprised and happy with his results.