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Case Study: Teacher shares his successful hair restoration progress with his students and principal

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Some people can be reluctant about telling people that they are receiving treatment for hair restoration, but not *Nick. At age 34 he made the decision to seek out some professional help for his accelerated hair loss. He’d been losing hair noticeably for the past  six months and, after seeing an ad for Ashley and Martin on TV, decided he should take action sooner rather than later.

Although Nick was keen to reverse the shedding as soon as possible, he did have some queries and concerns about possible treatment plans. Although he was middle aged and in good health, his job as a teacher could sometimes be stressful and he suffered from a slightly elevated blood pressure; he was also trying for a family with his partner. He was concerned that any medications prescribed on a hair loss plan might interfere with his current medications or with their family planning. The friendly consultant addressed Nick’s concerns and discussed his options. His diagnosis of male pattern baldness didn’t come as too much of a surprise as there was a family history of hair loss – his father and brother suffered with the same genetic infliction. His consultant offered him a tailored 12 month treatment program and Nick went away to discuss the plan with his partner.

Two weeks later Nick returned to the clinic to enroll in the RealGROWTH® program. He was keen to start as soon as possible and stuck to his treatment plan conscientiously.

Four months into the treatment program, Nick was back at the clinic for his review. A bundle of enthusiasm, Nick was super happy with the results that he was achieving and took copies of his progress photos so that he could share them with his principal and with his students as they had already started commenting on his regrowth. Off the back his positive results, Nick also referred his brother to an Ashley and Martin clinic so that he could enjoy the same great results and reverse the family trend.

With a bub on the way and a classroom full of supportive students, Nick was excited to continue on his journey to full hair restoration; sharing it with his students, family and friends every step of the way.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client considered treatment for two years and saw results in just 4 months

Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Looking at the four month review progress photos, Zeke’s* results were truly remarkable.  He had walked into the clinic four months ago with just a some thin, long strands sparsely covering his frontal hairline and now, four months later, those strands had regrown into a dense covering at the front of his head. His temporal region still receded but nowhere near how it was when he first arrived at the clinic and Zeke was feeling very good about these early results.

He’d been losing his hair for nearly three years and, at just 26 years old, he was growing concerned about his appearance. With a history of family hair loss on his mother’s side, Zeke had sought out earlier help from his local pharmacist with over the counter hair regrowth treatments but nothing had halted the excessive shedding.

Nothing…until he found Ashley and Martin. It was an ad on tv that prompted him to make the first appointment. With a free consultation, he had nothing to lose. He was diagnosed with Norwood level 5 hair loss and signed up to the 12 month RealGROWTH® treatment program on the very same day. Zeke had seen the ads and knew that  the RealGROWTH® program was clinically proven. The unique and multifaceted treatment actually stimulates dormant follicles – regenerating the client’s own hair. His tailored program also included at home laser treatments and  Zeke stuck to the plan… it paid off!

Zeke’s bald patches were covering over and hair that had been weak and wispy was now re-growing into thickened strands of healthy fresh regrowth…still a way to go but Zeke was on the right track.

*name changed to protect privacy


Case Study: Client Realises Hair Loss Has Been For Five Years After Scalp Examination

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

At first Madikh* had attributed his hair loss to the water in Australia. With his father not having any problems with hair loss and not having seen any changes to his hair before moving to Australia, it had been a logical assumption as this had been a major change in his life after emigrating. He had tried an over the counter product that was available back home, however it had done nothing to stop his hair from continuing to fall out. After a year of watching the hair gradually disappear from his temples through to his crown, Madikh turned to the internet to find and effective hair loss treatment.

Examining Madikh’s Norwood level IV-V hair loss, the consultant knew two things. Firstly, the pattern of loss he was seeing was consistent with androgenic alopecia, more commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness. Secondly, Madikh had been losing his hair much longer than the 12 months he had thought. Chatting with Madikh, he explained that the damage he was seeing had taken place over a minimum of five years; many people do not notice the subtle, beginning stages until the loss was visible to others. Discussing his family and medical history further, Madikh realised that four out of five of his maternal uncles actually did have hair loss to some degree.

Making the decision to use a modified version of the RealGROWTH® treatment program, Madikh booked an appointment with the clinic hair loss doctor to move forward with treatment. Finding Madikh to be fit and healthy, with no underlying medical conditions impacting his suitability for the program, the doctor prescribed his topical solution.

And although Madikh had opted to try and reverse some of the damage done to his hair without one of the major prescription components of his program, with strict adherence to his treatment regime, including weekly laser therapy appointments, substantial regrowth began to occur. Increasing the density of his hair all over and reducing the visible loss through his temples and crown within 18 weeks, 38-year-old Madikh was impressed with the beginning phase of his treatment.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Thrilled with Ashley and Martin’s Service

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

A widening part line and deteriorating frontal hair line, Padati* found his new boss understood how he felt. The manager at a busy eatery, Padati’s employer was going though his own hair loss problems and both men were keen to do something about it. A year into the increased shedding doing the damage and unsure where to start, Padati had not tried any over the counter remedies in the six months he had been wondering about how to regrow hair. Extremely concerned about the detrimental effect the hair loss was having on his appearance, Padati was eager to attend the appointment at Ashley and Martin his boss had arranged for them both.

Speaking about his situation with the consultant, the 26-year-old felt relieved that he now had a second person who understood how he felt about his hair. And like his employer, he jumped at the opportunity to take up the medical hair loss treatment plan the consultant offered him. He would need to meet with the clinic hair loss doctor to have his medication prescribed and the consultant helped him out with this by making sure he had an appointment before leaving the office.

The speed at which Padati regrew hair and turned his Norwood level I-II male pattern hair loss around made him smile. He was loving the results. The genetic hair loss he had inherited was no longer affecting his self esteem the way it had been sixteen weeks previously, and the progress photos of his hair really highlighted just how dramatic the changes had been. Thrilled with the service, the results, and the ease at which the treatment fit into his busy schedule, Padati was happy to continue his treatment program and looked forward to any new changes that might be around the corner.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Reaches His Turning Point

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

Aadavan* had met with an Ashley and Martin consultant the previous week and had been taking his time to think over all the information presented to him in that appointment. Having seen men talking about how they had reversed the hair loss process and been able to regrow their own hair on the television, Aadavan had decided to learn more online and had ended up booking his own free consultation through Ashley and Martin’s online contact form. Over the past four years, Aadavan’s increased shedding had left him with very little hair from his frontal hair line back to the crown. And after three years of thinking about treatment and wishing there was something he could do to improve the detrimental effect his hair loss was having on his appearance, Aadavan called the clinic back to book an appointment with the clinic’s hair loss doctor to start treating his Norwood level V loss.

Consistently using the RealGROWTH® program his consultant had recommended and attending laser therapy appointments, 27-year-old Aadavan found that his shedding slowed to a natural rate within the month. And within four months of meeting with Ashley and Martin’s hair loss doctor to have his medications prescribed, Aadavan had regained a strong frontal hair line and his hair was thicker and fuller than he could remember it being for a long time. Where scalp had previously been clearly visible through his dark, wavy hair, Aadavan was now able to cut his hair shorter and maintain a comfortable level of coverage across his whole head.

Aadavan was exceptionally happy that he had been able to beat his genetic disposition to male pattern hair loss, unlike other members of his family.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: After Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Father Lose Hair, Son Beats Genetic Loss

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

The next in a long line of men in his family who had fallen victim to male pattern baldness, Pat* had started losing his hair not long after his 21st birthday. Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, and now Son, Pat knew he would not be the last in the line but was hopeful he did not have to succumb so early in life. He had tried using homeopathic products to treat his condition but had not experienced any positive effects at all. Then, at 26-years-old, after some prompting from his girlfriend and repeatedly driving past a billboard advertising Ashley and Martin, Pat decided to call for his free consultation.

Placing Pat’s aggressive hair loss at a level V on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale, the consultant he met with outlined all of the possible options available to Pat moving forward. Discussing the pros and cons of medical hair loss treatment, surgical hair grafts, and non-surgical hair systems, the two men worked together to decide on the most suitable course of action for Pat, his lifestyle, and his budget. Wanting to find out what results would be possible trying to regrow his own hair with medical hair loss treatment before opting for other alternatives, Pat decided to enrol on a RealGROWTH® treatment program and, instead of attending the clinic for laser therapy appointments, rented a Laser Plus Pro device to use at home.

It was amazing to Pat just how greatly his genetically inherited hair loss had turned around over time. Before he had started his started his treatment, his hair had been diffuse across the entirety of his scalp, with an extremely sparse covering on his crown. And now, colleagues at work had not only noticed the dramatic changes taking place for Pat, but had approached Ashley and Martin to enrol on their own RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth programs they were so impressed. Happy with what he had achieved to date, Pat was excited to find out what new changes were in store for him in the coming months.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Returns After Being a Client as a Younger Man

Monday, September 16th, 2019

Having been a client when he was younger, Bertie* knew that Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® delivered on its promises. At the time, he had been completely thrilled with the fact he had regrown his hair and was now in control of when he chose to let it go. And ten years ago, he had made that choice. Making up his mind he was ready to accept his male pattern hair loss and allow himself to go bald, Bertie had stopped using his RealGROWTH® maintenance program.

For a time, Bertie had felt fine seeking his hair gradually thin and regress after ceasing treatment. His consultant had advised him that genetics would once again start to take their course and his hair would return to the state it was in before treatment – and then continue to fall out. But again there came a point where the loss started to bother Bertie and he made the decision to touch base with his hair loss consultant once again to find out if he would still be able to achieve positive results on the RealGROWTH® program.

His consultant reassessed Bertie’s hair loss and found he would still be suitable for treatment. However, due to the advanced nature of his loss and the ten years that had passed in between treatments, it was unlikely the results would be as spectacular as they had been the first time.

Happy that he would be able to halt his hair loss and make any progress towards reversing it again, Bertie commenced treatment. Following his program diligently, Bertie was pleasantly surprised when he looked at his first set of progress photos after four months. He had been prepared to see very little in the way of new growth after such a long hiatus from the program, however he was already seeing his existing hair thicken and begin to encroach upon his problem areas. Such a strong start to his program encouraged Bertie and he was glad to be back in control.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Friend’s Evident Regrowth the Best Advertising New Client Could Ask For

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Aaron’s* mate had used Ashley and Martin when he had undergone treatment for hair loss. The outcome of his treatment had been evident for everyone to see. So when Aaron was looking for a hair loss treatment that worked, his friend’s first hand experience was the best advertisement for the program he could ask for.

Aaron had first noticed his hair falling out faster than usual four years previously, but in the last twelve months the shedding had become much more excessive than usual on his crown. He knew that while the impact his hair loss was having on the way he looked was not something he was concerned about right now, he was certainly worried about losing more. Wanting to try and prevent further hair loss and thicken up his existing hair, Aaron contacted Ashley and Martin online.

The Ashley and Martin consultant Aaron met with assured him that the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth treatment program would be able to provide him with the results he was looking for. Several different interventions were used in the program, one of which intervened in the process causing his hair follicles to miniaturise and become dormant and others to stimulate hair growth. Although he had only been considering hair loss treatment for the past two months, Aaron knew he had reached his turning point. He was simply not content to watch his hair continue to disappear as both grandfathers and his uncle had.

It was convenient to the 23-year-old fitness fanatic that his treatment routine fit nicely into his busy schedule and did not take any time away from the things he enjoyed. And not only was it quick and easy, but he was enjoying the complements he was receiving from friends. Everyone was impressed with how much thicker and healthier his hair was looking; including Aaron himself.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Hair Dresser Surprised as her Client’s Hair Starts Growing Back

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Pete knew his hair was not just becoming thinner across his part line and crown. He could see that it was becoming less dense all over and the strands of hair were becoming thinner than they had been. He had first noticed his hair shedding at a higher rate than usual a year previously and knew that he would want to treat it from that moment. He started using over the counter shampoos that were targeted at hair loss but they did not stop the excess shedding at all. A friend of his, knowing Pete was insecure about losing his hair in his mid-twenties, mentioned the Ashley and Martin Ads he had seen on television. And after some discussion, Pete decided to find out more online.

Interested in the multi-faceted medical approach that had proven results that Ashley and Martin offered, Pete booked an appointment using the online contact form on the website.

Brother, Father, and Grandfather all suffering hair loss, Pete was not surprised when the consultant diagnosed him with male pattern hair loss. The stress he had been under several months previously could also have been accelerating the rate of shedding, but his genetics were the main cause of his thinning hair. The consultant explained that as the hair loss process advances hair follicles become miniaturised causing hair to grow in thinner strands and would eventually become dormant as the follicles in his part line had.

Pete took good care of his appearance and health, staying active and going to the gym. He was concerned that if he did not call Ashley and Martin back, he would end up with a completely bald patch on his crown like his father had. Twenty-four hours after attending his first appointment he picked up the phone to enrol on his RealGROWTH® program.

Before long he began to get comments and compliments from his work mates. They had all noticed the improvement in his hair. Even his hairdresser, who he had not mentioned the treatment to, expressed her surprise to see his hair was thicker and healthier. The young man who returned for his first Ashley and Martin Review four months later was much more confident about his hair and starting to experiment with new styles. He was happy with the new growth he had gained at the beginning of his program and excited for the growth he would see next time he came in for a program review.




*name changed to protect privay

Case Study: Client Almost in Shock With How Much Hair Regrows

Monday, May 27th, 2019

After three years of deteriorating hair and mates giving him grief about his hair loss, Jeff* decided to bite the bullet and attend a free consultation with Ashley and Martin. Having seen the writing on the wall some time ago, he had been shaving his hair close to the scalp. He had already watched his father suffer the same genetic hair loss and having thought about fixing his own for six months, he was finally ready.

The 24-year-old used the contact form on the Ashley and Martin website to request a call back and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he received a call. With office hours that suited his work schedule, Jeff booked an appointment time that suited him.

Explaining the whole treatment program, the consultant informed Jeff how each component of the multi-faceted RealGROWTH® program would act to intervene in the process causing his hair follicles to miniaturise and enter an extended dormancy. Happy with the evidence based medical treatment behind the course of treatment being offered, Jeff enrolled in a RealGROWTH® program to address his Norwood level III vertex loss. He was immediately booked in to see the clinic hair loss doctor to prescribe his medication and provided with the non-prescription components of his program straight away.

Six months after commencing treatment, Jeff was sitting across from his consultant almost in a state of shock. He could not believe the difference six months of medical hair loss treatment had made. His progress photos showed a vast increase in the density of his hair over four months of treatment.
With the increase in hair density, Jeff had already started letting his hair grow a little longer now that patches of scalp no longer shone through. Thrilled with his treatment so far, Jeff only wished he had started treatment sooner.



*name changed to protect privacy