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Case Study: Hair Dresser Surprised as her Client’s Hair Starts Growing Back

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Pete knew his hair was not just becoming thinner across his part line and crown. He could see that it was becoming less dense all over and the strands of hair were becoming thinner than they had been. He had first noticed his hair shedding at a higher rate than usual a year previously and knew that he would want to treat it from that moment. He started using over the counter shampoos that were targeted at hair loss but they did not stop the excess shedding at all. A friend of his, knowing Pete was insecure about losing his hair in his mid-twenties, mentioned the Ashley and Martin Ads he had seen on television. And after some discussion, Pete decided to find out more online.

Interested in the multi-faceted medical approach that had proven results that Ashley and Martin offered, Pete booked an appointment using the online contact form on the website.

Brother, Father, and Grandfather all suffering hair loss, Pete was not surprised when the consultant diagnosed him with male pattern hair loss. The stress he had been under several months previously could also have been accelerating the rate of shedding, but his genetics were the main cause of his thinning hair. The consultant explained that as the hair loss process advances hair follicles become miniaturised causing hair to grow in thinner strands and would eventually become dormant as the follicles in his part line had.

Pete took good care of his appearance and health, staying active and going to the gym. He was concerned that if he did not call Ashley and Martin back, he would end up with a completely bald patch on his crown like his father had. Twenty-four hours after attending his first appointment he picked up the phone to enrol on his RealGROWTH® program.

Before long he began to get comments and compliments from his work mates. They had all noticed the improvement in his hair. Even his hairdresser, who he had not mentioned the treatment to, expressed her surprise to see his hair was thicker and healthier. The young man who returned for his first Ashley and Martin Review four months later was much more confident about his hair and starting to experiment with new styles. He was happy with the new growth he had gained at the beginning of his program and excited for the growth he would see next time he came in for a program review.




*name changed to protect privay

Case Study: Client Almost in Shock With How Much Hair Regrows

Monday, May 27th, 2019

After three years of deteriorating hair and mates giving him grief about his hair loss, Jeff* decided to bite the bullet and attend a free consultation with Ashley and Martin. Having seen the writing on the wall some time ago, he had been shaving his hair close to the scalp. He had already watched his father suffer the same genetic hair loss and having thought about fixing his own for six months, he was finally ready.

The 24-year-old used the contact form on the Ashley and Martin website to request a call back and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he received a call. With office hours that suited his work schedule, Jeff booked an appointment time that suited him.

Explaining the whole treatment program, the consultant informed Jeff how each component of the multi-faceted RealGROWTH® program would act to intervene in the process causing his hair follicles to miniaturise and enter an extended dormancy. Happy with the evidence based medical treatment behind the course of treatment being offered, Jeff enrolled in a RealGROWTH® program to address his Norwood level III vertex loss. He was immediately booked in to see the clinic hair loss doctor to prescribe his medication and provided with the non-prescription components of his program straight away.

Six months after commencing treatment, Jeff was sitting across from his consultant almost in a state of shock. He could not believe the difference six months of medical hair loss treatment had made. His progress photos showed a vast increase in the density of his hair over four months of treatment.
With the increase in hair density, Jeff had already started letting his hair grow a little longer now that patches of scalp no longer shone through. Thrilled with his treatment so far, Jeff only wished he had started treatment sooner.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Siblings Refer Each Other to Ashley and Martin to Beat Hairloss Passed Down By Dad

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Craig*, his three brothers and his father all suffered from male pattern baldness. In addition to this, the men on the maternal side of his family also struggled with hair loss. Stress from work, together with his genetics, had accelerated the rate at which Craig’s hair was falling out and caused an increasing number of his follicles to lay dormant over the past three years. The insecurities that plagued Craig about his hair were affecting his lifestyle; a fact that did not escape his brother. Already an Ashley and Martin client, Craig’s brother not only knew the treatment worked, but that the small daily commitment to treatment would fit easily into Craig’s routine. He suggested Craig visit Ashley and Martin as well.

Upon examination, Craig’s male pattern hair loss was diagnosed at Norwood level III vertex. Confident that the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program would be effective for Craig, the consultant explained the process involved in medical hair treatment. The multi-faceted program would provide intervention in the process causing his hair loss while encouraging and protecting new growth.

New to fatherhood, Craig did not have a great deal of time for himself. And the treatment he had been offered was so simple it would not put further stress on the already time poor 32-year-old. Hopeful, Craig enrolled.

After sixteen weeks of at home treatment and monthly trips to the clinic for laser therapy treatment, Craig sat down with his consultant for his first Ashley and Martin Review. The difference four months of treatment had made to his crown, temples and all over density was staggering. Looking at his comparison photos, there was no sign of his genetic inheritance left.

Grateful that his sibling had prompted him to visit Ashley and Martin, Craig in turn referred another one of their brothers to the program. He couldn’t stay quiet about the benefits he had gained from Ashley and Martin’s medical hair regrowth treatment.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Stops Finding Hair on His Pillow In the Morning After Starting Treatment

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Running his own businesses was stressful. Adding to the pressure he was under, Hung* had a solid family connection to hair loss. He had first started to notice his hair disappearing three years prior to attending his free consultation at Ashley and Martin. While his thinning hair was making him self-conscious about his appearance, his wife still thought he was as attractive as ever.

To try and combat his problem, the 33-year-old tried using a ginger based shampoo. While smelling delightful, it did not however decrease the amount of hair he found on his pillow in the morning.

Not ready to resign himself to going bald, Hung searched for the best hair loss treatment he could find online. Feeling Ashley and Martin provided the most successful treatment, he requested a call back. Going bald may be something his uncle and father were willing to accept for themselves, but Hung knew he was not ready to give in yet.

The consultant he met with provided Hung with all the information he needed to make an informed decision regarding the treatment of his Norwood III vertex loss. To Hung, the process appeared to be simple, medically backed and transparent. The clinic hair loss doctor would be available to him throughout the duration of his treatment should he have further questions, photos would be taken at every stage to track the effectiveness of his treatment and everything he needed was included in the price of the program.

For four months, Hung performed his nightly treatment routine and visited the clinic for regular laser therapy appointments. During this time his wife began to notice the amount of scalp showing through her husband’s hair decreasing. Waking up next to him in the morning, there was less hair on the pillow than there had been for years.

Chatting with his consultant during his first Ashley and Martin Review, Hung expressed how happy he was with the improvement he had seen over such a short amount of time. His dark hair was thicker, denser, and healthier. He could take to the court with his mates and not feel like the old man among them.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Gets Everything He Had Hoped for at Ashley and Martin

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Looking in the mirror, Jay* was becoming increasingly worried about the state of his hair. Patches of scalp showed through between his long, shaggy locks and his heart sank knowing he would lose it all. Father, Uncles, Grandfather. It was inevitable that Jay would follow in their footsteps and go bald if he did not do something about it soon. He had been seriously considering finding a hair loss treatment for two years when he saw an ad for Ashley and Martin on the television. Picking up the phone, he took the first step towards treating his hair.

A scalp examination revealed that Jay’s hair had been shedding at an accelerated rate for six years, leading to a Norwood III vertex loss with thinning especially evident throughout the vertex area. Asking what Jay was hoping to achieve from treatment, the consultant found that his goals were to simply save and thicken the hair he had left. Confident that treatment with a RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program could achieve exactly what Jay was looking for, the consultant laid out the process in which his hair would be treated and invited Jay to ask any questions he had.

The only thing Jay was unsure of was if he wanted to pay upfront or in easy monthly instalments, so he went home to discuss it with his partner. He knew she was not worried about him losing his hair but was fully in support of him treating it as she knew how much it worried him. Once the couple had made their decision, Jay called the clinic and commenced his treatment.

His treatment was easy to complete at home and while he did not attend regular laser therapy appointments as advised, Jay still gained great benefits from the treatment he was completing regularly. With the use of the RealGROWTH® solution and oral medication prescribed by the clinic hair loss doctor and a herbal supplement, Jay’s hair fall returned to a healthy rate. Dormant hair follicles re-entered their growth phase and miniaturised hairs became thicker and healthier. Jay’s partner noticed his hair returning and he was ecstatic that he had gotten everything he had hoped for in coming to Ashley and Martin.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Mates Encourage Client to Get Treatment and are Shocked at Results

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

A teenager when he had first started to see his hairline recede, Blake’s* mates were encouraging him to speak to someone about the problem. Since the age of eighteen, the hair in Blake’s temporal region had been steadily decreasing and the overall density of his hair had suffered. Now 20, the young beach lover knew he had to do something or commit to losing his hair early in life. Not ready to commit to such a drastic, long term change in his appearance, Blake decided to consult a hair loss specialist regarding the options available to him.

Blake attended an appointment at an Ashley and Martin hair clinic and was met by a welcoming team. It felt good to be surrounded by people who understood his problem and wanted to help him solve it. Blake’s with a consultant spoke with him about his family history of hair loss and other factors that may be contributing to the changes in his hair. He also performed a scalp examination and took photos of Blake’s hair from multiple angles. The purpose of these photos would be for reference to ensure both he and his consultant had an accurate picture of the efficacy of his treatment program.

The RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment Blake chose to move forward with was such a success that his friends and family could hardly believe what they were seeing. And Blake was thrilled with the results as well. He had beaten the male pattern baldness handed down to him from his grandfather. The mates who had encouraged him to seek support in the first place were remarking on the amount of hair they were seeing growing back and his family were extremely happy he had found an effective treatment at Ashley and Martin.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Watching Youthful Appearance Return a Joy for Ashley and Martin Client

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Rapidly approaching his thirties, Damon* was becoming increasingly concerned about the way his diminishing hair was making him look. Predominantly noticeable from his frontal hairline back to his crown, Damon was not keen to see what it might look like in a year from now without professional intervention. He had tried using an over the counter remedy from the pharmacy to stop his hair from falling out but, sadly, it had done nothing to slow the excess shedding. He had seen Ashley and Martin’s ads for hair loss treatment online and so turning to our online presence for more information appeared to be the best way to approach us.

Bringing his partner along for support, Damon attended his first appointment with his Ashley and Martin consultant. He had booked the appointment online with her encouragement and was looking forward to finding out what could be done to restore his lost hair.

Before discussing potential treatment options with him, his consultant took a relevant history and performed a scalp examination. This examination confirmed the hair loss timeline Damon had observed; he had been losing his hair for over five years. Discussions concerning his health and stress levels did not reveal any other underlying issues that may be impacting Damon’s Norwood IV loss. Confident that Ashley and Martin could help Damon address his concerns regarding his appearance, the consultant suggested treatment with a full RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program. An offer Damon took up immediately.

Damon became a familiar face at his local clinic, attending weekly low level laser therapy appointments; he was determined to get the most out of his RealGROWTH® program. As long as he had a say in it, he would do his utmost to avoid the same genetic trait that had affected his brother and father.

And it was a commitment that paid off. Damon was ecstatic with the changes he saw happening in the mirror. With regular use of his RealGROWTH® program his hair became fuller and more dense. A wide strip of scalp was no longer visible from a distance to everyone he came in contact with and it was a joy to watch the youthful appearance of his hair return.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Patient Regrows Hair After 10 Years of Hair Loss

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Finding himself suddenly single in his early fifties, it was time for Jake* to take stock and look towards making some changes in his life.  Smart, successful, fit and outdoorsy, Jake’s only concern was that once he was back out in the dating scene his diminishing hair may hinder his dating success.

Jake had started losing his hair over a decade ago and had tried treating the loss with various over the counter products a few years before seeking professional treatment.  Having heard about Ashley and Martin on the radio, Jake went online to research the company. Finding Ashley and Martin to be the leaders in the medical hair regrowth field, he used the online enquiry form to request a call back from his local clinic.

The consultant Jake met with performed a scalp examination in which he was diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, level Iva.  The good news for Jake was that his hair loss was likely to respond well to the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program.  The thinning from his temples back towards and into his crown had been inherited from his father and uncles who had also lost their hair. Jake, however, was keen to keep what he had left and signed up for treatment immediately.

Jake found it a struggle to attend the clinic for laser therapy appointments between work, university and his social life. However, his hair responded well to the prescription medication and supplements he had been provided with to use at home.  Shortly after starting his medical hair regrowth program, the positive comments on his hair began and he was ecstatic with the results he was seeing.

Having finished his degree, Jake’s life looks very different from when he first came to Ashley and Martin.  He now rents a laser cap to treat his hair at home and feels it has made a substantial difference to the density of his hair.  Jake now has a new career, new confidence, new hair and a new lease on life. And Ashley and Martin are thrilled to have played our part in it all.

* Name changed to protect privacy


Case Study: Ashley and Martin Use a Clinical Approach to Hair Loss Treatment

Monday, August 20th, 2018

Jason was only nineteen when he started noticing the first signs of hair loss. No one in his family had experienced this before, so it came as quite a surprise. Over four years, Jason saw his hair gradually thin. By the time he was 23, Jason was ready to act to make sure it did not progress any further. It was advertising on television that prompted him to call Ashley and Martin.

Jason told his consultant that he had tried treating his hair with over the counter remedies, but nothing had worked. After a scalp examination and taking some background information, Jason was given a diagnosis of male pattern hair loss, Norwood level II.

Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program was the perfect intervention strategy to halt Jason’s hair loss in its tracks and regrow what he had lost. The combination of laser therapy, herbal medication, specialised hygiene products and prescription medication would attack the root cause from every angle and work to reverse the damage. Concerned about the changes in his appearance and the way other people would see him, Jason signed up for a RealGROWTH® program on the spot and was booked in to see the clinic hair loss doctor at his earliest convenience. Before he left the office, Jason was provided with all the non-prescription products he needed for the entirety of his program.

Jason did not attend the clinic for his four month progress review, due to overseas work commitments, but after seven months on the program Jason sat with his consultant and had progress photos taken to assess the success of his treatment program. Not being overly diligent when it came to taking his medication, Jason was surprised by the excellent results he saw. Where his crown had been thinning, it was now lush and full. The minor recession in his temples had completely reversed and his hair was thicker and healthier all over. The strong presence his hair brought to his character had been saved.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Fantastic Regrowth Results Through Ashley and Martin

Monday, June 25th, 2018

It was at the recommendation of his hair dresser that Timothy contacted Ashley and Martin to address the hair loss they had been discussing during an appointment. She had seen other clients achieve positive results and thought Timothy may be able to achieve the same regrowth she had witnessed in other clients of hers. In the last six months, the comments Timothy had been receiving about his thinning hair had started to increase and he decided it was a good time to follow her advice. He had been aware of his own male pattern hair loss for two years now, but with other people commenting, it was clear that everyone else was aware of it too.

After a discussion around his medical and family history, the consultant Timothy met with performed a scalp examination and presented him with the most effective treatment option available to him. Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program would address the genetic causes of his hair loss, slow the hair loss to a healthy rate and work to regrow the hair he had lost.

Four months after his first appointment Timothy was back in his consultant’s office, amazed at the changes he seen take place in just sixteen weeks. His consultant took a second set of photos to compare to the ones taken in his initial appointment and put them up alongside each other. Looking at the comparison between the two shots, it confirmed what Timothy had been seeing over the course of his treatment. His hair density had increased so dramatically that he asked his consultant to give him the photos so he could take them home to show his friends who were also thinking about treating their hair loss.

*name changed to protect privacy