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Case Study: Client Amazed at Phenomenal Transformation with Ashley and Martin’s Treatment

May 17th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Amazed at Phenomenal Transformation with Ashley and Martin’s Treatment

Lynton* was shocked when, at 65, he started to lose his hair.  Until this time he had had a full, thick head of hair and was surprised at the rapid onset at his age.  As he had gone so long without seeing any signs of hair loss he had thought he would never go bald.  He was 67 when his hair loss progressed to the stage where it demanded action.  It took only four weeks of consideration before he came to the conclusion that he needed to act immediately or run the risk of being bald very soon.

A scalp examination done by an Ashley and Martin consultant showed advanced thinning with especially poor hair density on his forehead and crown.  Lynton confided to the consultant that the hair loss had been progressing quickly over the past year and because of this his confidence had been shaken.  Due to the advanced stage of hair loss, the consultant believed Lynton had been losing his hair longer than he had been aware of.  The extent of his hair loss indicated that there may have been irreparable follicular death, pointing towards transplant being the only option to restore Lynton’s hair.  However before continuing with this course of action, the consultant suggested that although Lynton was not a prime candidate for medical intervention there was a chance that his hair follicles may be dormant rather than dead and could be rescued.  Although the choice of treatment options offered was entirely left up to Lynton, the consultant suggested that before he goes ahead with an invasive procedure like transplant, he try medical intervention for 8 months.  Seeing the logic and potential savings in this option, Lynton embarked upon a RealGROWTH® medications program unsure how it would work for him.

Lynton saw the doctor to have his medications prescribed and disclose his high blood pressure.  Wanting the best results possible, Lynton returned for regular Low Level Laser treatments and adhered strictly to his program.

With renewed confidence, Lynton happily attended his 4 month progress check-up.  When Lynton had initially come to discuss treatment options with his consultant he had the options of a prescription based RealGROWTH® medical program, a Lasercap, transplant or wearing a hair system fully explained to him.  Four months later he was amazed at the phenomenal transformation the option he had chosen with his consultant had produced.  With further improvements expected over the next 24 months, surgery was no longer an option that needed to be considered.






*name changed to protect privacy