Ashley & Martin, the largest medical hair
clinic in the southern hemisphere

Clinical Studies and Awards

RealGROWTH treatment studies

An ambitious study was conducted early last decade on the success of the RealGROWTH treatment regime. Patients were selected who had genetic male pattern baldness and who had hair loss that had occurred for less than seven years. Each patient had 4 small dots tattooed in the hair thinning area, using a surgical marker to join the dots a square was formed. Each patient was reviewed by a dermatologist every month, with each square being photographed and each hair strand counted. After 6 months the final result showed that every patient responded with more hair. The overall increase in density was between 30% and 215%, average result obtained was 113% more hair density. Since this initial study we then had Nielson review 200 patients. They contacted the patients and conducted an interview with each one. Out of these interviews it was shown that 98% of RealGROWTH patients confirmed more hair regrowth. From this period onwards Ashley and Martin started to offer patients a guarantee on regrowth of hair if they so desired. Every year since we have calculated the success rate based on refunds verses programs completed. The result has always been around the 98% mark with tens of thousands of patients going through this system.

Superbrand award

Ashley and Martin became the first and only company in the hair loss industry to receive the Superbrand accolade.

The award is based on the following grading criteria:

• Market dominance
Does the brand hold a significant share of the market for its goods and / or services?

• Longevity
Does the brand possess or display the qualities and attributes necessary to make it resilient to negative market influences?

• Goodwill
Is the brand generally perceived favourably by consumers and is it accepted without question or reservation?

• Customer loyalty
Will the brand’s consumers choose it repeatedly and automatically over competing brands?

• Overall market acceptance
Is the brand a part of everyday life for the relevant market segment, and is it automatically on the consumer’s list of choices for that product or service?