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Early action Changes Genetic Hair Loss Fate with Ashley and Martin Treatment

November 19th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Early action Changes Genetic Hair Loss Fate with Ashley and Martin Treatment

Harry’s* father was worried; his son was confiding in him concerned that his hair was feeling thinner, a story he knew all too well. Having been completely bald since his late 20’s, Harry’s father could see what was on the horizon for his son. Insecure feelings and lack of self-confidence through your prime years was not something he wanted Harry to experience.

Attending the Ashley and Martin consultation together with his father, Harry told the consultant how he felt his hair was diminishing. He was not ready to start losing his hair at 18. The consultant explained to Harry that he had seen countless young men also feeling the same way but they always left the clinic feeling better knowing there was help available.

It would have been easy to assume, looking at Harry’s father, the hair loss was genetic. However, a thorough scalp examination was still performed by the consultant and a series of questions asked about Harry’s health and well-being. With no other factors possibly causing the thinning at Harry’s frontal forelock and vertex a diagnosis of Androgenetic Alopecia was given.

Acting fast is the best thing anyone with the early stages of hair loss can do as it allows for a higher percentage of success. Harry’s consultant offered him the Ashley and Martin RealGROWTH® medical treatment. The program would allow Harry to take prescription medications and non-prescription products home to regrow his hair over the course of an eight month period.

Both Harry and his father liked what they heard but left the clinic to discuss the diagnosis and the treatment option with Harry’s mother. It wasn’t long before Harry returned and with his final sign off from the clinic Doctor he took his program products home to make a start.

Four months later Harry returned to see his consultant for a routine checkup. Harry’s confidence had been fully restored. His hair loss had drastically slowed; he could see his own hair regrowing. Harry was so thankful he had confided in his father when he did and they had acted quickly.






*name changed to protect privacy