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Case Study: Patient Regrows Hair After 10 Years of Hair Loss

September 19th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Patient Regrows Hair After 10 Years of Hair Loss

Finding himself suddenly single in his early fifties, it was time for Jake* to take stock and look towards making some changes in his life.  Smart, successful, fit and outdoorsy, Jake’s only concern was that once he was back out in the dating scene his diminishing hair may hinder his dating success.

Jake had started losing his hair over a decade ago and had tried treating the loss with various over the counter products a few years before seeking professional treatment.  Having heard about Ashley and Martin on the radio, Jake went online to research the company. Finding Ashley and Martin to be the leaders in the medical hair regrowth field, he used the online enquiry form to request a call back from his local clinic.

The consultant Jake met with performed a scalp examination in which he was diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, level Iva.  The good news for Jake was that his hair loss was likely to respond well to the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program.  The thinning from his temples back towards and into his crown had been inherited from his father and uncles who had also lost their hair. Jake, however, was keen to keep what he had left and signed up for treatment immediately.

Jake found it a struggle to attend the clinic for laser therapy appointments between work, university and his social life. However, his hair responded well to the prescription medication and supplements he had been provided with to use at home.  Shortly after starting his medical hair regrowth program, the positive comments on his hair began and he was ecstatic with the results he was seeing.

Having finished his degree, Jake’s life looks very different from when he first came to Ashley and Martin.  He now rents a laser cap to treat his hair at home and feels it has made a substantial difference to the density of his hair.  Jake now has a new career, new confidence, new hair and a new lease on life. And Ashley and Martin are thrilled to have played our part in it all.

* Name changed to protect privacy