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Case Study: Parents Approve of Ashley and Martin as Best Hair Loss Treatment Available to Son

March 1st, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Parents Approve of Ashley and Martin as Best Hair Loss Treatment Available to Son

Peter* attended his first appointment with Ashley and Martin with his parents along for support. Concerned for their son as he searched for an answer to his hair loss problem, they wanted to help him find a reputable company to provide high quality care.

The consultant understood their concerns and welcomed them in to the consultation with their son. Throughout the appointment, the consultant made sure to include Peter’s parents, offering transparent explanations for everything he did and was proposing. Peter’s father had gone completely bald by the time he was 30, a scalp examination showed 20 year old Peter’s Male Pattern Hair Loss to have already reached a level IV on the Norwood hair loss scale. Peter was not ready to go bald at such a young age, and his parents supported his decision to find the best hair loss treatment available to him.

A RealGROWTH® medication program consisting of both topical and oral medications to be prescribed by the clinic’s GP. To complement the prescription medication he would also be given specialised shampoo and conditioner, herbal supplements and attend the clinic for laser therapy treatments. All these therapies would work together to stabilise his hair loss and thicken up what he had left. Peter was thrilled to hear it was not too late for him to regrow hair and could be offered a money back guarantee on his treatment.

The who family were excited about what they had discovered in Peter’s initial consultation and booked an appointment for Peter to see the clinic hair loss doctor as soon as possible that week.

The results Peter received on his RealGROWTH® in just sixteen weeks amazed the whole family. Peter was over the mood and his parents were thankful to Ashley and Martin for providing top quality care and guaranteed results to their son.






*name change to protect privacy