Ashley & Martin, the largest medical hair
clinic in the southern hemisphere

The Management Team

CEO – Richard Bond

Richard commenced employment with Ashley and Martin in February 1994. Richard saw the potential that Ashley and Martin had and was enthused to get on board with a company that had such vast potential.

Richard had previously worked in the finance industry and had an involvement with direct sales. Between 1994 and 1996 he managed Ashley and Martin clinics in 3 states of Australia. 1996 saw a transfer to Western Australia and by 1999 he was the managing director of the Western Australian group. In 2008 he took over the role as the CEO for the entire Ashley and Martin operations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. To this date, Richard has ongoing dialog with patients in all clinics to ensure that a high standard of professionalism is being delivered by the team.

Even with the major changes that Richard has witnessed within his 20 years of working with Ashley and Martin,he is still excited by what the future will deliver for our patients who want the very best solutions for hair loss. For more information on Richard Bond, see his profile in The CEO Magazine.

CFO – General Manager – Phil Raffan

Phil commenced with Ashley & Martin in 2008 and brings over 14 years’ experience in operational and financial management, accounting, financial reporting and corporate finance. Phil is the Chief Financial Officer & General Manager, overseeing the experienced and dedicated team of consultants, administrators and corporate headquarters staff within Ashley & Martin. Phil provides key assistance to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors of the Ashley & Martin group. Phil is a Chartered Accountant with Bachelor qualifications in Commerce (Accounting & Finance) and Science (Anatomy, Human Biology & Chemistry) whose management role includes commercial, operational and reporting responsibilities.

Phil takes great pride in the professionalism displayed by all Doctors and staff at Ashley & Martin, especially their effectiveness in finding a proven hair loss solution to treat each individual patient. Seeing the tremendous results achieved by Ashley & Martin’s patients is the reward for working at an extraordinary organisation.

Phil relished being involved in the significant expansion of Ashley & Martin throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and is excited about Ashley & Martin’s push into Asia and consolidating its position in Australia & New Zealand as the foremost centre for the medical treatment of hair loss.

Medical Director – Dr Mario Terri

Dr Mario Terri joined Ashley and Martin in 1996 as a hair transplant surgeon. The belief at that time by many surgeons of this period was that a transplant was always the best option. After exposure to the benefits of the RealGROWTH program Dr Terri felt that medical interception was a better outcome if the patient was suitable. As such hair transplantation became less frequent.

With his firsthand knowledge of surgical hair replacement it did not take long for Dr Terri to start improving all aspects of the RealGROWTH program. Within 2 years of taking up employment with Ashley and Martin, Dr Mario Terri became the medical director of the entire group. Dr Terri still conducts well over 3,000 consultations per year which would make him one of the most experienced hair loss doctors in Australia. He is still working with our pharmacists to achieve a higher level of efficacy. Dr Terri is also involved in the senior management group on all workings within the company.

Medical Director – Dr Terri Labberton

Dr Terri Labberton joined Ashley and Martin as the medical doctor of its central Melbourne clinic, Victoria, Australia, in 2009.

During this time she has conducted more than 20,000 consultations for hair loss, working closely with both men and women to develop individual medical hair loss treatment plans.

In 2012 Dr Labberton was promoted to being a medical director of the Ashley and Martin group. She now works closely with Dr Mario Terri (senior medical director) in developing, training and implementing the medical structures to Ashely and Martin’s other medical doctors and consultants.

Dr Labberton is the key note medical doctor who conducts the annual conference with the Ashely and Martin consultants. Her knowledge of hair loss medications is vast and she has the uncanny knack of taking the most difficult and technical aspects of the industry and explaining them so that all can understand.

Experienced in the medical diagnosis and treatment of a range of hair loss conditions, Dr Labberton provides additional advice and support to Ashley and Martin doctors based at the company’s Dandenong, Gladstone Park and South Melbourne clinics.

Prior to joining Ashley and Martin, Dr Labberton worked as a cosmetic surgeon at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute in Melbourne, Australia, and before this for many years as a general practitioner in country Victoria and suburban Melbourne.

Graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor of Medicine degree from the University of Newcastle, NSW, Dr Labberton was trained in general practice at Geelong Hospital from 1993.

She has a special interest in women’s health related issues, specifically the treatment of menopause and the use of alternative and complementary medicine.

Dr Labberton is married with twin girls.

Digital Marketing Strategist – Rob Donkersloot

Rob has had a long career in advertising and marketing; he commenced work in advertising agencies after leaving University, and founded one of Western Australia’s first firms specialising in online in 1997.

With over fifteen years’ experience in all things online, Rob has worked on digital marketing projects for many varied organisations such as Carlton United Breweries, Tourism Australia, Newscorp, Rio Tinto and Synergy.

Working as a consultant for Ashley and Martin since 2006, Rob has been influential in leading the company’s direction in terms of website communication, online systems development and online marketing.

The online area has been a significant contributor to Ashley and Martin’s growth and success over the last decade, and the importance of this area was further recognised when Rob was asked to join the Ashley and Martin management team in 2013 as the organisation’s Online Marketing Strategist.

Rob enjoys working for a category market leader, and sees this as a reflection of Ashley and Martin’s professionalism as well as the proven services and products it offers people seeking a solution for hair loss.

He feels Ashley and Martin’s focus on innovation including the very the latest techniques and technologies right through all areas of its business will see it further enhance its position as a leader in the worldwide hair loss treatment industry.