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The Real Facts

There is a lot of discussion about the treatment for Hair Loss on the Internet. A lot of this is misinformed and in many cases provides inaccurate advice which is potentially harmful and dangerous to people seeking a solution to their hair loss problem. Here are the real facts.

Side Effects

Finasteride – (Propecia) Every prescription medication has an adverse reporting system. This is dealt with by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Authority). To get the report just click the link and enter “Finasteride”.

We looked at the adverse advents from Jan 1st 1995 to the end of 2013, a period of 19 years. Over that time there were just 77 reported cases of side effects in Australia, or an average of around four per year.

Over this same period our medical doctors have issued out well over 30,000,000 tablets and to date we have not had one single long term side effect to this product.

If a side effect ever does occur the dosage can be dropped which reduces the success rate by just 6%

Overseas Experience

The FDA in the USA has clearly stated that there is a casual relationship with any long term side effects (casual relationship means without certainty) also a study in 2010 by Doctor William Reed looked at 17 hair restoration practices in the USA and found more than 30,000 patients were issued with Finasteride and not one had any long term side effects.

Here are a number of statements from experienced hair transplant surgeons about Finasteride:

  • Dr William Rassman – “From 100,000 patients that I have prescribed to, not one has had a long term side effect.”
  • Dr Alan Bauman – “Over 15 years I have not seen one case of any long term side effects.”
  • Dr Martinick (ex president of the I.S.H.R.S) – “Out of 900 physician members who have treated millions of patients, 1 mg Finasteride has no long term side effects.”

Melbourne Study

Ashley and Martin doctors in our Melbourne Clinic collected statistical information for the period January 2015 to April 2016.

Of all the clinic’s patients: just 0.47% reported side effects of Libido, 0.24% reported Testicular Pain, 0.24% reported Depression and one patient reported feeling light headed.

Ashley and Martin Process

All patients have one of our doctors go through the potential side effects of the medications, then the patient signs the side effect sheet to state they understand them. Full disclosure is given.

Just about all medications have some history of side effects, Finasteride’s (Propecia) side effects as shown above are rare.

Comparing Medications

Numerous online posts suggest people purchase medications such as Minoxidil directly from chemists or online.

The normal over the counter Minoxidil is a plain 5% version which has been shown to be around 40% effective in regrowing some hair. The versions that Ashley and Martin use will be up to a 7% Minoxidil (+ .01%retinoic acid). Clinical trials conducted by dermatologists showed that 98% of patients had on average increase of 113% more hair density. This form of Minoxidil is compounded under prescription by our pharmacists (AM Dispensary) and is not available in your normal chemist or online (legally that is).

You also need to remember that our programs normally include a number of treatments including specialty cleansing products, prescribed medications, natural supplements, therapeutic treatments such as laser and on-going support. It’s this combination of treatments that achieves results for our patients, not just one medication.


Yes Ashley and Martin provides a premium hair regrowth solution, and we are satisfied the level of service, medications, products and most importantly the results provided more that justify our cost structure.

Ashley and Martin has 21 medical hair clinics, every one of them is serviced by a medical doctor and as part of our service every patient is requested to come in for four monthly check-ups. We also keep a full history of our patients progress by taking photos at each of these appointments.

After the initial treatment, on-going costs are just $160 per month, or less than the cost of a couple of coffees a day. We have tens of thousands of satisfied patients who have regrown their real hair that find this monthly investment in their appearance is more than justified.

Ashley and Martin is a fully fledged medical centre, do not confuse us with the non-medical hair loss companies that promise a full head of hair back and you get a hair piece stuck on your head.

We acknowledge that we are more expensive than your local pharmacy; however our patients want the very best of products and service. This is what we deliver every day.

Does it work?

Yes it does work, otherwise we wouldn’t be providing the service and the medical doctors would lose their license to practice. We have treated over 500,000 patients worldwide and have a 98% success rate for our RealGROWTH patients (based on an independent dermatological hair count study where the average hair count more than doubled.)

Below is series of before and after photos of a Sydney patient. This fantastic hair regrowth result was achieved with just over four months of treatment from the patient’s first appointment with us. No the photos haven’t been enhanced, they are pixel for pixel as they were shot by the camera.

As you would imagine he is ecstatic with the outcome and said this of his treatment with Ashley and Martin. “My experience at Ashley and Martin has been great, the staff are helpful and make it an easy experience. But the main thing is their product works, and my hair is growing back.”

(available to those suitable for treatment)

003_before 005_after
Before After
001_before2 004_after
Before After
002_before 002_after
Before After
004_before 001_after
Before After

More Before and After Studies

Before and After photos since January 2015.