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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Stunned with Hair Loss Results

May 12th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Stunned with Hair Loss Results

Dustin’s* hair loss was being accelerated by the high levels of stress he was experiencing at work.  Both his grandfathers had been bald as long as he could remember and his father’s hair was exceptionally thin.  When he began to notice how thin his own hair was becoming Dustin called Ashley and Martin to discuss treatment.

After Dustin had attended an initial free appointment he decided not to treat his hair and hope that it did not get any worse. A year later Dustin was back.  The 32 year old was seeing his hair become finer as time went on.  Looking at himself in photographs he could see the hair loss that his friends were good-naturedly teasing him about.  It had been a family member that had suggested he come to Ashley and Martin the first time and now his wife encouraged him to seek treatment when he mentioned how he looked in photos.

Dustin returned for a second free consultation.  His photos were still on file from his first appointment; Dustin compared them to his new ones to these and saw the damage done in the year since he had visited the first time.  He told the consultant that in the four years he had been losing his hair, he had tried caffeine shampoos and a hair loss kit which had contained hair care products and a vitamin tablet.  He hadn’t expected much of them but had still been disappointed when they did not work.

Once again Dustin went away without enrolling.  He discussed the treatment plan with his wife who worked in medicine and she agreed that it was a good idea for him to sign up for a RealGROWTH® plan.  A week after his second appointment Dustin called Ashley and Martin for a doctor’s appointment to have his medications prescribed.

Four months later Dustin was stunned.  His wife and hairdresser were commenting on the amazing amount of hair regrowth he had achieved.  His friends and family were giving him positive feedback as well.  In no way had Dustin expected the treatment to work so well or so fast, but he was overjoyed with the results of his RealGROWTH® program.






*name changed to protect privacy