Ashley & Martin, the largest medical hair
clinic in the southern hemisphere


Ashley and Martin opened its first hair loss treatment centre in Melbourne in 1964, then expanded to all major Australian capital cities over the next 10 years. Products and services for the hair loss industry 60 years ago were quite limited, with treatment centred around nutrition, massaging topical vasodilators into the scalp, old style hair pieces (or toupée) or very obvious hair transplantation.

Moving forward 30 years a major revolution occurred, with the discovery of proven medical products that could halt further genetic hair loss and actually grow hair back. This breakthrough started the RealGROWTH program. With this new technology Ashley and Martin reinvented its brand and became fully-fledged medical clinics. By 1996 all clinics had an attending medical doctor.

Dr Mario Terri (Hair Transplant Surgeon) started at this time and by 2006 had become the Medical Director of the company. With his insight and keen knowledge of the hair loss industry the company grew significantly.

The next 15 years were a period of expansion. In 2004 Ashley and Martin opened their first clinic in New Zealand, located in Auckland, later followed by further expansion to Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington. In the early 2010’s a further 9 clinics were opened throughout Australia, providing services to the growing metro zones, as well as regional cities. In 2011 Ashley and Martin purchased the well-established Glower Hair Care hair loss treatment centre in Singapore, which had been servicing the hair care needs of Singaporeans since 1986. As Ashley and Martin expands, research and development continues and they always looking for new approaches to the medical science of hair loss treatment, particularly treatment for Female and Male Pattern Baldness, a ‘genetic condition’ that was once considered untreatable. There are no miracle cures for hair-loss, only science and medicine. That’s why the company’s Medical Hair Centres are led by doctors. It means every patient’s treatment can be tailored to their specific medical needs.

Today, with its head office in Perth, Western Australia, Ashley and Martin has grown to become the largest and most trusted hair loss treatment company in the Southern Hemisphere.