Ashley & Martin, the largest medical hair
clinic in the southern hemisphere


In 1964 the first Ashley and Martin centre opened, and over the next 10 years all major capital cities in Australia had a clinic. The products and services for the hair loss industry 50 years ago were quite limited. Treatment options were all about nutrition and massaging into the scalp topical vasodilators. Hair replacement was the old style hair pieces (like Frank Sinatra and John Wayne wore) and very obvious hair transplantation.

Moving forward 30 years; a major revolution occurred, we actually had proven medical products that could halt further genetic hair loss and actually grow hair back. This breakthrough started the RealGROWTH program. With this new technology Ashley and Martin re-invented the brand and became fully-fledged medical clinics. By 1996 all clinics had an attending medical doctor.

Dr Mario Terri (Hair transplant surgeon) started at this time and by 1999 he became the full medical director of the company. With his insight and keen knowledge of the hair loss industry the company had a spectacular future.

The RealGROWTH program is always under review with new techniques and products to enhance the impressive results that this core product delivers to our patients. With an amazing 98% of RealGROWTH patients growing on average 113% more hair, needless to state that this is the gold standard of hair loss treatment.

In 2004 Ashley and Martin opened the first clinic in New Zealand, and 6 years on (3 centres opened),  Ashley and Martin is the largest and most successful medical hair loss clinic in New Zealand.

By 2014 Ashley and Martin Medical Hair Clinics had grown by 10 fold and had 3 times more locations. The Singapore office has opened and more locations are being researched.

As Ashley and Martin is not a franchise model, the core values of the Medical Directors and the senior management group of Ashley and Martin will be represented in each of the clinics.