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Ashley and Martin Assists Breast Cancer Research Centre Trials

Dr Mario Terri – Medical Director – Ashley and Martin Medical Clinics.

As the medical director and a hair transplant surgeon of Ashley and Martin for the last 20 years, I have consulted many female patients who have chemotherapy induced hair loss.  Unfortunately in these cases we are not able to offer any treatment options, and the only advice we have been able to provide is to use a wig until their hair grows back.  Other patients we see suffering from genetic hair loss have effective treatment options that will reverse their hair loss. However, I have been frustrated that such an option was not available for patients losing their hair through chemotherapy treatment.

I was first introduced to the DigniCap scalp cooling treatment some four years ago when the technology was still in its infancy. After a meeting with Richard Bond (CEO of Ashley and Martin) and Professor Chan  (Breast Cancer Research Centre – WA) about the proposed trial I was convinced this is something Ashley and Martin should assist with.

The company introduced the funding for the first DigniCap and we are pleased to see outcomes that are assisting to prevent Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia in breast cancer treatment patients.

Moving forward Ashley and Martin will now look at creating funding models to assist other hospitals around Australia acquiring the DigniCap device.


Dr Mario Terri,
Member I.S.H.R.S