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Case Study: Photographic Evidence of Hair Regrowth Motivates Ashley and Martin Client

October 21st, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Photographic Evidence of Hair Regrowth Motivates Ashley and Martin Client

Shaan* had found Ashley and Martin on the internet. He had been losing his hair steadily over the past four years and although none of his family members suffered from hair loss themselves, it was a family member that urged him to do something about his hair. At 31 years old, Shaan already had well established thinning from front to back; the last six months had seen this loss of density increase dramatically. When the loss accelerated and it looked as though he would be bald in the near future, Shaan started giving the idea of treatment serious consideration.

During his free consultation Shaan was given a scalp examination and his family and medical histories taken. He also discussed any current and recent stressors with his consultant. After establishing that Shaan’s hair regrowth goals could be met with Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program, the consultant outlined what was involved and invited Shaan to ask any questions he had. All of Shaan’s questions were answered to his satisfaction and with this new information in hand, Shaan went home to think it all over.

A week later Shaan came back to the clinic having decided to give treatment a go. Shaan had his medication prescribed by the clinic hair loss doctor and booked in for his first laser treatment.

Four months into his treatment, Shaan received his first Ashley and Martin Review. His consultant took a second set of photos to compare to the ones taken in his initial consultation. Comparing these photos side by side both Shaan and his consultant could see that his hair had thickened up dramatically. Looking at the progress he had made in the photos validated the efficacy of the program to Shaan and he felt great looking at how far he had come already. Leaving the office that day Shaan felt more motivated than ever to continue to follow the program diligently having seen the photographic evidence of what it was achieving.






*name changed to protect privacy