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Ashley and Martin Launches Tattoo Removal Treatment

January 18th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Ashley and Martin Launches Tattoo Removal Treatment


The name Ashley and Martin has been a leader in the hair loss industry. The last 2 years our management team has been researching other services that bolt into our medical practices.

The company board decided in April 2014 that Laser Tattoo Removal services was a logical inclusion as we already had the medical staff being doctors and nurses in our clinics. The team looked at every different version of tattoo removal lasers and decided that a Q-Switch with a Ruby Laser built in was the best available to remove all types of inks used.

In August 2014 our first centre was opened in our South Melbourne clinic. The name chosen was Tattoo Removal Laser Clinics as part of the Ashley and Martin medical group. A website was designed being

The business has grown rapidly with December 2014 having the first Television commercial aired in Melbourne for this industry. We also created a new website for this campaign being to complement the 13XINK (139465) phone number shown in the commercial.

The outcome of such a strong growth model has created a tough decision for the medical board of Ashley and Martin on when to start the next centres.