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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Restores Hair as Quickly as it Disappeared

July 5th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Restores Hair as Quickly as it Disappeared

Martha’s* hair was rapidly thinning.  In less than twelve short weeks she had gone from having full, thick hair to large patches of exposed scalp at her crown and part line.  Concerned about the rate of shedding and how old her thin hair was making her look, 75 year old Martha called Ashley and Martin.

Her consultant enquired about Martha’s circumstances and she confided that she was under a lot of stress and had been quite ill recently.  The consultant explained to her that it is quite common for women experiencing just one of these issues to experience hair loss.  The combination of the two plus her age were all contributing to the disruption to her hair’s natural growth cycle.  He went on to give her the good news that he believed with vitamin supplements and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments they would be able to restore her hair.  However, before signing her up for treatment he wanted to be sure that there were no other complicating factors.  The hair can be a powerful indicator of the body’s health.

Martha visited the clinic doctor free of charge to have a check-up and discuss the recommended treatment option given to her.  She was given blood tests and with support from the clinic doctor Martha purchased an in home Lasercap device.  To compliment this therapy she was also given a vitamin supplement formulated by Ashley and Martin to maintain and promote healthy hair growth.

Using the LLLT cap at home proved to be very easy for Martha to manage and taking her Hair Nutrient Complex fit in nicely with her already established medication routine.   As quickly as her hair had disappeared, it began to regrow and five months after she first set foot in her consultant’s office Martha was thrilled to find her hair had been restored to its former healthy state.






*name changed to protect privacy