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Case Study: Client Excited and Happy to See New Hair at his Ashley and Martin Review

November 30th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Client Excited and Happy to See New Hair at his Ashley and Martin Review

Thinning primarily through the frontal region of his hair, Ravi* was concerned about the way his hair loss was making him look. He had tried applying an over the counter topical solution he had found at his local chemist, but the 22 year old experienced no success with this remedy. After twelve months of accelerated shedding, Ravi went online to find a hair loss specialist to help him.

After contacting Ashley and Martin online, Ravi came in to his nearest clinic to have a free consultation and find out if it were possible to regrow hair after losing it for the last year. His consultant asked him questions designed to ascertain information about the possible causes of his hair loss. Ravi did not have any undue stress impacting him at work or home and he was in good health. He did, however, have a family history of hair loss; Ravi’s father and grandfather were both bald. The consultant conducted a scalp examination to complete his picture of Ravi’s hair loss, and based on the information he had been given and the pattern of loss he was seeing, Ravi was diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood Type IIa.

The best hair loss treatment for Ravi’s level of hair loss was a comprehensive medications program together with fortnightly laser therapy treatments. The consultant explained all the components of the program to Ravi and, after having all the questions he could think of answered, Ravi signed up for treatment. He felt quite confident in the treatment after being offered a money back guarantee on the success of his RealGROWTH® program.

Over the space of four months, Ravi’s hair underwent a dramatic increase in density. At his first Ashley and Martin Review Ravi was excited and very happy to see all the new hair in his progress photos. He could safely say his program was an overwhelming success.






*name changed to protect privacy