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Case Study: 72 Year Old Female Hair Loss Patient Receives Good Results

October 15th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: 72 Year Old Female Hair Loss Patient Receives Good Results

Rose* was 72 years old when she first came to Ashley and Martin to discuss the thinning hair she had started to notice two years previously.  It was a problem that was causing her embarrassment and made her feel like she did not want to go out as much as she used to.  Rose had started to turn down invitations to social functions due to the discomfort she felt about her hair loss.

Her consultant examined her and found that she had Female Pattern thinning and this was evidenced in the moderate to advanced thinning of her hair in the crown and temple areas.  During her initial appointment Rose told her consultant that her father had experienced hair loss however there were no females in her family that she was aware of with the same issues that she was experiencing.  She also advised her consultant that she was under the care of a specialist for other health issues already, such as epilepsy, hypertension, osteoarthritis and a coronary bypass that she had undergone previously.  Her consultant advised her to enrol on a full medications plan if it was approved by both our doctor and her own medical specialist; especially as epilepsy medication can sometimes have the side effect of hair loss.

Rose brought the results of the blood tests we had sent her for to her next appointment and our in-house medical specialist agreed with the consultant’s recommended course of treatment.  Working in conjunction with her own specialist, she was put on a full medications plan with weekly laser treatments.

After only four months Rose’s hair has responded well to treatment and started to thicken in both the crown and temple areas.  Rose is absolutely delighted with the results so far and told her consultant that it has made her feel more confident and she is looking forward to seeing her results in another four months.






*Name changed for privacy reasons