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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Helps Newlywed Feel More Attractive to His Wife

March 27th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Ashley and Martin Helps Newlywed Feel More Attractive to His Wife

Before leaving his home country, Avi* had been using prescription medication to treat his hair loss. While this treatment had been successful, upon his arrival in Australia he had stopped using these medications. He had no access to his former health care provider and had forgotten the name of the products he had been taking. Without medical intervention, Avi’s hair began to thin rapidly.

Only twenty years old and newly married, Avi was insecure about his hair loss. He went online to contact the hair loss specialist who would help him in Australia having heard about Ashley and Martin on television.

Knowing Ashley and Martin were a reputable company, Avi was keen to start the recommended treatment plan as soon as possible. The only problem was that he had to head overseas for two months and would not be able to see the clinic hair loss doctor before going. To expedite the process, his consultant arranged for all the medications he would need to be waiting for him in the clinic when he saw the doctor upon his return.

Busy when it was time to attend his four month Ashley and Martin Review, Avi came to see his consultant after six months on the program. Together they viewed the progress photos that had been taken that day alongside the ones taken the first day Avi had come to the clinic. He was delighted. Avi told his consultant that he could not stop looking in the mirror to see the changes that were taking place. His family and friends were astounded at how much hair Avi had regrown. The new hair regrowth was making Avi feel happier within himself and it was showing in how much more confident he was when out socially. And, importantly to Avi, he felt much more attractive to his wife.






*name changed tp protect privacy