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Case Study: Family History of Male Pattern Hair Loss Broken

December 31st, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Family History of Male Pattern Hair Loss Broken

Scott* was unhappy with how thin his hair had become over the last few years and called Ashley and Martin hoping we could help with this problem.  At 27 years old Scott was not ready to let this issue progress to the point where he no longer had any hair at all.  He had watched the men on his father’s side lose their hair and decided that, unlike his father, uncle and cousins, he was going to take control of his thinning hair and do something to prevent further loss.

Scott booked a free appointment to speak to a consultant hoping to find out what help was available to him.  Upon examination his consultant confirmed what Scott had suspected with his family history and told him he had Male Pattern Hair Loss.  Having noticed his hair begin to thin three to five years ago, Scott’s hair loss had now progressed to a level III on the Norwood scale with poor hair density all over. Knowing his hair loss would only continue if left untreated Scott decided to enrol straight away on the suggested treatment plan to give himself the best chance of regrowing as much hair as possible.  Before he left the clinic he was given his supplements and hygiene products to start his program immediately.

A check-up with the clinic doctor was scheduled for Scott in order to have his medications prescribed and as there were no contraindications prevent him from participating in a full RealGROWTH™ program, he was able to leave with his oral anti-androgens and his RealGROWTH® solution was ordered for him.

Knowing he could call his consultant at any stage in his program if he had any questions or have a check-up, Scott used all the inclusions in his program as directed and in 4 months he returned to his consultant to check on his progress.  New photos were taken and put up alongside the ones from his initial consultation.  Scott could see how much thicker his hair had become and he was now feeling confident and happy he was no longer going to lose his hair the same way the majority of the men in his family had done.






*Name changed for privacy reasons