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Case Study: Hair Dresser Surprised as her Client’s Hair Starts Growing Back

July 22nd, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Hair Dresser Surprised as her Client’s Hair Starts Growing Back

Pete knew his hair was not just becoming thinner across his part line and crown. He could see that it was becoming less dense all over and the strands of hair were becoming thinner than they had been. He had first noticed his hair shedding at a higher rate than usual a year previously and knew that he would want to treat it from that moment. He started using over the counter shampoos that were targeted at hair loss but they did not stop the excess shedding at all. A friend of his, knowing Pete was insecure about losing his hair in his mid-twenties, mentioned the Ashley and Martin Ads he had seen on television. And after some discussion, Pete decided to find out more online.

Interested in the multi-faceted medical approach that had proven results that Ashley and Martin offered, Pete booked an appointment using the online contact form on the website.

Brother, Father, and Grandfather all suffering hair loss, Pete was not surprised when the consultant diagnosed him with male pattern hair loss. The stress he had been under several months previously could also have been accelerating the rate of shedding, but his genetics were the main cause of his thinning hair. The consultant explained that as the hair loss process advances hair follicles become miniaturised causing hair to grow in thinner strands and would eventually become dormant as the follicles in his part line had.

Pete took good care of his appearance and health, staying active and going to the gym. He was concerned that if he did not call Ashley and Martin back, he would end up with a completely bald patch on his crown like his father had. Twenty-four hours after attending his first appointment he picked up the phone to enrol on his RealGROWTH® program.

Before long he began to get comments and compliments from his work mates. They had all noticed the improvement in his hair. Even his hairdresser, who he had not mentioned the treatment to, expressed her surprise to see his hair was thicker and healthier. The young man who returned for his first Ashley and Martin Review four months later was much more confident about his hair and starting to experiment with new styles. He was happy with the new growth he had gained at the beginning of his program and excited for the growth he would see next time he came in for a program review.




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