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Case Study: Photos Show Hair Regrowth Results of Ashley and Martin Treatment

December 17th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Photos Show Hair Regrowth Results of Ashley and Martin Treatment

Bruce* submitted an internet enquiry with Ashley and Martin as he was extremely concerned about the excessive shedding of hair he was experiencing on his crown.  He was also showing early stage hair loss in his naturally recessive temples and through the front of his hair line.

During his initial consultation Bruce discussed his family and medical history with his consultant.  This background information revealed his grandfather was the only family member who had lost their hair; he was in good health and had manageable levels of stress in his work and personal life. Expressing that his main concern was his crown, Bruce’s consultant was confident a full medications plan would assist Bruce in achieving a good outcome in this area.

After eight weeks on the RealGROWTH® program Bruce’s hair fall had slowed to a manageable rate and his hair began to regrow.  However at four months Bruce experienced a scalp irritation and came in to see his consultant immediately.  His consultant and an Ashley and Martin doctor worked with Bruce to trial a different solution that would produce the same results.  Within days of using a new solution Bruce’s irritation was gone without interruption to his regrowth.

Throughout the duration of his program Bruce found he would have occasional periods of natural hair fall, though this did not affect his overall regrowth.  At five months Bruce came and saw his consultant again for a check-up.  He had already been able to see the regrowth he had experienced, however seeing his comparison photos side by side really brought home just how drastic the effects of his treatment had been.  Bruce was overjoyed with the results RealGROWTH® was able to give him and is now in the maintenance phase of the program, allowing him to keep his own hair now it has regrown.






*name changed for privacy reasons