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Case Study: Side Effect Free Treatment Achieved with Ashley and Martin Medications

June 20th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Case Study: Side Effect Free Treatment Achieved with Ashley and Martin Medications

Brad* had learned of how Ashley and Martin could help people in his position both on the TV and online.  Already 42 years old, the young at heart outdoorsman was not ready to sport the bald patch that was developing on his crown.  It had been three years since Brad had first started wanting to improve his hair and now he knew where to get help he called Ashley and Martin for an appointment.

His consultant could see that Brad’s hair loss was quite advanced in the frontal region, his temples were receding and his hair line had moved back significantly.  In addition to the substantial loss on his crown she knew he had been losing his hair over a considerable amount of time.  She asked him how long he had been losing his hair and spoke to him about other treatments he had had success with in the past.  Brad’s hair loss had been progressing gradually over the past decade and he had been attending a non-medical hair loss clinic until they had gone out of business recently.  At this time he had stopped treating his hair and he lost some of the results he had gained.  The consultant felt there was room for further improvement in Brad’s hair using a medical treatment.  She showed him how adding in prescription medications to his hair management routine could produce extra regrowth.

Concerned that one of the medications being offered would have side effects that would negatively affect his depression Brad signed up for a reduced program straight away.   Wanting to regain the hair he had lost a second time, Brad was faithful in attending weekly Low Level Laser Therapy sessions as well as taking his medication.

After four months Brad was feeling good about the hair he had regrown.  After eight months he was ready to try the medication he had initially turned down having discussed it with his own GP.  The addition of the new medication boosted Brad’s results and did not have the adverse effect on his mental health as he had feared.






*name changed to protect privacy