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Ashley and Martin Treatment Reverses Hair Loss

October 9th, 2017 by A673 in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on Ashley and Martin Treatment Reverses Hair Loss

Mahrus* was a fitness buff whose appearance was very important to him. He lived a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising and taking care of his body. It had been upsetting him over the last 2 years that his hair was falling out, it didn’t sit well with the image the 26 year old had of himself.

One night after visiting the gym Mahrus made the spur of the moment decision to go online and find out who could help him with his thinning hair. It had gotten to a point where he knew that he was either going to have to start shaving his head or treat his hair loss. He was hoping that the second choice would be a viable option. After reading success stories on Ashley and Martin’s blog he used the online enquiry form to request a call from a representative. He felt encouraged that there were so many other people out there like him who had been successful with Ashley and Martin.

Mahrus had not tried any other hair loss treatments or researched what was available to him so the information the consultant was telling him was all new. The consultant took the time to explain everything from the reason his hair was no longer growing to the way the medications offered would work to regrow Mahrus’ hair. He made sure that Mahrus’ questions were all fully answered and every aspect of the proposed treatment plan was clearly understood.

Wanting to start a program straight away, the consultant proposed treating Mahrus’ type II Male Pattern Hair Loss with a RealGROWTH™ medications program with fortnightly laser treatments. He was booked in to see the doctor to discuss whether the proposed treatment would impact his sarcoidosis and, if his health would not be impacted, to have his medications prescribed. His health condition was not an issue in moving forward with treatment and his RealGROWTH™ medications were prescribed.

Four months later Mahrus sat in his consultant’s office eager to see the early results of his program. His friends had already noticed his hair becoming thicker and his hairline through his parietal ridge and temples moving back forward. Mahrus was overjoyed looking at his comparison photos side by side. It was exactly what he was hoping to see and he couldn’t wait to see his next set of photos in four more months’ time.

*name changed to protect privacy