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8 months and the thinning has gone with Ashley & Martin RealGROWTH treatment

June 12th, 2017 by A673 in Hair Loss Blog Comments Off on 8 months and the thinning has gone with Ashley & Martin RealGROWTH treatment

At 56, Michael’s* hair had been receding slowly for the past 10 years. Sudden thinning had occurred over the past 12 months and was now causing him grave concern. As a professional executive Michael took great pride in his self-care and work, if he started to let his hair go now he knew it would knock his confidence affecting his ability to do the job he loves. Michael decided it was time to explore his options with Ashley and Martin as they had been a reputable household name to him for a number of years.

Michael met with a consultant at an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic, feeling comfortable in his professional surroundings he was happy to talk through his concerns, medical history and expectations. Michael’s consultant diagnosed andro-genetic alopecia, better known as male pattern hair loss.

A specific hair growth treatment over an 8 month period was recommended involving herbal agents to prevent the formation of the DHT, a topical solution to encourage strong hair growth, specially formulated hygiene products and low level laser light therapy. Delighted he could carry out the majority of treatment in the comfort of his own home Michael signed up immediately for treatment.

8 months later the density of Michael’s hair had doubled in thickness and his hair looked great. There was no way his job would now be affected by the way that he looked. Very happy, Michael is now maintaining his results thought the Real GROWTH ® maintenance program.

*name changed to protect privacy